National League | Today OTC will receive Platense with the illusion of getting his first victory on the court in 2022

OTC You will receive Platense after being without activity for 18 days. The team from Obereño so far in the tournament is doing quite well and with a positive balance since they managed to add 8 victories and 7 defeats.

The first game in 2022 that Oberá Tenis Club had to play was against San Lorenzo, the five-time national basketball champion. However, it was not carried out since Boedo’s team had 22 members infected with coronavirus, so the Club Association (AdC) decided to give the missionary team two points.

As for Platense, it can be said that it is one of the worst teams so far in the regular phase of the National Basketball League since they are placed before the last with 14 units. In total, they played 11 games with 3 wins and 8 falls.

National League | OTC beat San Lorenzo without playing, find out why

OTC will receive Platense
OTC 20-0 San Lorenzo.

This Friday, the Obereño team had to open the year before the five-time national basketball champion. However, OTC beat San Lorenzo without playing and scored its first two points in 2022. Find out why.

OTC beat San Lorenzo without playing and obtained two important points. This occurred since the Cyclone team is decimated by the cases of Covid-19 and could not appear for the game that was to be played tonight in missionary lands. On the other hand, Celeste has only one infected and it is Nicolás De Los Santos, so he has almost the entire squad available to face league matches.

Positive cases of coronavirus are increasing throughout the country and clearly affects the sports world. San Lorenzo through a statement advised that he was not going to appear to play due to the number of positive cases. “In the tests prior to the practices, 22 positive cases have been registered, between players and technical staff. Those infected are well and asymptomatic, following the indications of the medical body, “they said from the CASLA Básquet basketball Twitter account.

For this reason, the Association of Clubs (AdC) ruled that OTC win the match and for this reason they will award two points for the single zone standings. Likewise, Celeste has 8 victories and 7 defeats with 14 games played and one won by “desk”. Thus, OTC was tenth with 23 points.

As for San Lorenzo, in the table he was seventh with 21 points after 8 wins and 5 losses. According to Mundo Azulgrana, Boedo’s team, through the letter signed by its president, Horacio Arreceygor, requested the postponement of the matches against Oberá (it was to be played today in Misiones) and Communications (Sunday 9). However, in the morning hours, the National League did not have a good gesture and “already gave up the game to San Lorenzo” publishing a “Oberá 20 – San Lorenzo 0”. That did not go down well because they did not have any response from the internal bosom of the League.

The positive case in OTC

This Thursday, Nicolás De Los Santos became the first Celeste player to be positive for Covid-19. Therefore, they must remain isolated from the campus and comply with the quarantine. Currently, the point guard is in full recovery from the ankle sprain he suffered on December 20, so he was not training anyway.

Due to the suspension of the match against the five-time champion of Argentina, the next OTC match will be this Sunday at 20:00 against Platense in the city of Oberá. The bad news is that he will not be able to count on the Melvin Johnson star since he is in the United States because he spent the end of the year holidays with his family there. He is still in quarantine.

The words of the president of OTC on the situation of the party suspended against San Lorenzo

Sergio Feversani, president of OTC stated that “since they (the Club Association) did not come, they gave us the game won by 20-0. In this way, two points were added for OTC and one for San Lorenzo, both in the Development League. as in the National League ”.

“The decision was made by the Board of Directors that represents all the clubs of the National League. I agree with it. It seems to me that it goes through the responsibility of taking care of the players and the staff in general. They are people who receive a salary because their job is basketball and they have the responsibility to take care of themselves so as not to get infected ”, he added.

“We are not Europe or the NBA to reschedule games. Except for two or three teams, we do not have the financial means to postpone air travel, pay again, or pay a fine on the cost of mobilizing 25 people ”, concluded the president of OTC.

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