New discovery: Dengue mosquitoes are no longer good, scientists have prepared Good Mosquito…

Indonesia | Indonesian scientists Dengu Research : We all had heard in our childhood that iron cuts iron. Now scientists have come very close to making this proverb true. In fact, dengue has become a problem not only for India but for many countries of the world in the last few years. The situation in India is worse, many people have died of dengue in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Dengue disease is not only dangerous, but at the same time, if treatment is not received on time in this disease, then there is a danger of life. But Indonesian scientists have come up with a unique way to eliminate dengue mosquitoes. After this discovery of Indonesian scientists came in front of the world, people are in surprise, on the other hand it is being praised fiercely.

Indonesian scientists Dengu Research :

Good Mosquito Made in the Lab

Indonesian scientists Dengu Research : Indonesian scientists have prepared Good Mosquito in their lab. Scientists have specially prepared this mosquito in such a way that it kills mosquitoes with dengue. Scientists have also taken care that if humans bite, they do not get dengue. This mosquito prepared by scientists has many properties, its bite will cause headache but there will be no risk of disease like dengue. Let us tell you that this discovery of Indonesian scientists is under the World Mosquito Program.

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Cases reduced by 77%

Indonesian scientists Dengu Research : Mosquitoes prepared by Indonesian scientists are also showing good results. Researchers say that mosquitoes were released as a trial in the Dengue Red Zone of Indonesia, after which meaningful results have come to the fore. After the release of mosquitoes, there was a reduction in dengue patients by 70% in the area.

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