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The social network Instagram has started testing a new feature, at the moment only between users in countries such as India, Brazil and Turkey, with which it allows users to add songs to your feed posts.

Instagram tests the option to add music to feed posts
At the moment, the feature is only available in India, Brazil, and Turkey.

This has been assured by the Head of Instagram Partnerships in India from his personal account, @ladyroxpop, who has explained that the new function allows adding music to publications, as was already possible in Stories and Reels.

So far it was precisely the Ephemeral Content Stories and Short Videos with Music Reels the only sections of Instagram where music could be added, as is the case with platforms such as TikTok.

At the moment, the new feature is accessible only to users of Instagram in some countries including India, as confirmed by the platform’s partner in charge of Partnerships.

Music is added to posts in the final step, “share”, and it is displayed between localization and advanced settings, with a slider from the main screen that leads to a second one in which it is possible to search for specific songs.

On this music screen too some songs are highlighted through sections such as “trends”, “For you” (based on user activity) or “recently used”.

New function: Instagram tests the option to add music to feed publications - LA NACION
The option to add music will be included in the final “share” step.

The music plays later when the user opens the post, and also the part of the song that sounds in it can be chosen.

Instagram will add paid subscriptions: know the prices

Instagram will add paid subscriptions so that it can be charge a monthly fee to followers for exclusive content.

Although Goal has not made an official statement, it is known that Instagram is about to integrate payment options because this information was leaked in the Apple application store.

In section «In-app purchases » you can find the price lists ranging from USD 0.99 until the USD 2.38 and USD 4.99, which are divided into the categories Instagram Badge and Instagram Subscriptions.

These prices are visible in the store, however, because there is no Meta information, it is possible that the list will be temporarily lowered so that, together with the Android store, the costs are released when they formally come into force.

Screenshot of the AppleStore, where different types of paid subscriptions for Instagram appear.  Apple image.
Screenshot of the AppleStore, where different types of paid subscriptions for Instagram appear. Apple image.

Of course, the application will continue to be free in the store and anyone will be able to continue opening accounts and accessing their profiles in the usual way, however, You will have to pay to view photos, stories, reels, or videos that your favorite artists or influencers upload exclusively for their patrons.

For the moment everything will remain free, since Meta has not given a date to start implementing this new measure that influencers will surely appreciate, because according to Business Insider, «influencers depend on sponsored content for a living. From posting a photo to the main feed with ads to sharing swipe links in a series of stories, sponsored content takes many different forms.

The new paid subscriptions would be tested in the United States.

One of the forms of these subscriptions can be Exclusive Stories, which include, in addition to access to inclusive Stories, a badge that is displayed in direct messages or when commenting.

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