New guidelines issued by Talibani rulers, women again in chains of restriction, now have to wear hijab all the time!

New Delhi | Taliban Instruction For Female: Since the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, the era of restrictions on women has started as before. Now different kinds of restrictions are being imposed on women. Now the Taliban government has issued many new guidelines for the Afghan media. In which women are bound in bondage. Now television anchors have been strictly instructed to wear hijab.

In this regard, Maulvi Muhammad Khalid Hanafi, the acting minister in the Taliban government, has issued new decrees for the Afghan media. Let us tell you that since taking power in Afghanistan in August, the Taliban have started raising their terror again.

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Afghanistan Taliban Women laws :

According to these new decrees – Taliban Instruction For Female:
According to the Taliban decree, there will now be a ban on the broadcast of foreign and domestic films in Afghanistan that are spreading foreign culture and traditions in Afghan society.
Women anchors and journalists in the media will have to come in front of the public or face the camera only wearing hijab.
– Broadcasting of films/plays that insult religious beliefs or human dignity will be banned in Afghanistan.
Orders have also been issued to immediately stop all programs related to Prophet Muhammad.
In Afghanistan, the same humorous and entertainment programs will be broadcast so that no one is insulted or hurt.

– Afghan media cannot broadcast any film which is against the principles of Islamic law and Afghan values.
Not only women, now there will be many restrictions on men as well. Men will not be able to show intimate parts of their bodies in videos or movies.

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