Nitish-Rabri face to face on liquor ban

Patna. Power and opposition have come face-to-face after a video of police raiding a wedding house in Bihar over liquor went viral. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday that the police is getting such information that arrangements for drinking liquor are also available in marriages. When the police is getting the information, they are going accordingly. There is nothing to fear in this. Here, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi called it dictatorial and said that it is a violation of privacy. liquor ban in bihar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said that drinking alcohol is a wrong act. It is an immoral act. When the journalists asked him about the raids in the marriage houses, he said, “There have been complaints to the police that there is arrangement for drinking alcohol even in the marriage ceremony. When the police is getting the information, they are going accordingly. No one should worry about this. What’s the problem when you don’t even drink? He, however, added that someone must have got the information, the police would have been sent. We are not aware of this. He said take this information. He said that this responsibility rests with the police and administration. There is a ban on alcohol.

Here, after this video went viral, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi has strongly targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The former Chief Minister, while tweeting the video from his official Twitter handle, wrote, ‘Bihar Police is searching the bride’s rooms and clothes without women policemen in the name of prohibition. This is a violation of the right to privacy. How and why is liquor reaching Bihar, who is delivering it? Its not investigation and investigation, but on the contrary, the cynical government is troubling women only?

He wrote in another tweet, now people get married or erase the dictator’s whims. With the nexus of Bihar Police, Liquor Mafia and Government, they themselves order, sell and sell liquor. Which law is there to harass the common citizens, violate their privacy and encroach on their private life instead of not taking action on it? Answer the Chief Minister.

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