Nitish should take a lesson from the law on drugs

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should take a lesson from the new law on drugs being brought by the central government. The central government is going to bring a new law on narcotics in the winter session of Parliament, in which provision is being made that keeping small quantities of narcotics for personal use will not be an offense and at the same time the drug addict will not be considered a criminal. If a drug addict is caught, he will be sent to a correctional home instead of jail. If Nitish Kumar is adamant on his insistence that he will not remove the prohibition law, then at least take a lesson from this law and make some changes so that the common people do not have to face the excesses of the police. Nitish Kumar drugs law

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In Bihar, Nitish Kumar has implemented such a law that even if a drop of liquor is found falling on the cloth, the police will pick it up and put it in jail or leave it after recovering a huge amount. Recently, six engineers were caught behind a bottle of liquor at a wedding. Bihar Police was searching the bride’s room in the hotel without taking the lady police, the video of which went viral. In Bihar, the police is mainly busy in catching liquor, leaving the law and order. Stories of police atrocities and police earnings in the name of alcohol are popular in Bihar like fables. To stop this, the state government must make some changes in the law.

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