Nitish’s visit in reply to BJP!

Whenever Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is weak politically or has to give a message to his ally BJP, he starts the journey. Almost all their such journeys start from Valmikinagar. the region’s major religious, Has historical and political significance. This time Nitish Kumar has set out on a social reform journey. For them social reform means prohibition of alcohol. By the way, this meaning was also known to them only five-six years ago because before that they used to go from village to village., Localities were distributing licenses of liquor shops. But now he has engaged the police and administration of the entire state to implement the prohibition law.

however, The timing and purpose of his visit is very clear. He is traveling to give a message to his ally Bharatiya Janata Party. They are connecting directly with the people and discussing the politics ahead with their local leaders wherever they are going. They know that without them the BJP will not be able to form the government in the state. 2024 Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs him in the elections. That is why they are showing their attitude to the state leaders of the party.

Recently, by-elections were held for two assembly seats in Bihar. Janata Dal-U candidates were contesting on both these seats and BJP leaders were helping them to make appearances. Despite this, JDU won both the seats. Meanwhile, there was a split in the Lok Janshakti Party and five of the six MPs were on one side., Who has open support of Nitish Kumar’s party. In this way, Nitish Kumar has avenged the defeat caused by LJP in the assembly elections. Nitish Kumar has also included the lone MLA who won from LJP in his party.

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All these incidents brought back the confidence of the Chief Minister and he decided to reply to the statements of BJP leaders. Keep in mind that BJP leaders had said many times in the past that they are the Chief Minister of the circumstances and are sitting on the throne by the grace of BJP. Encouraged by the victory in the by-election, he started the yatra and with the support he is getting in the yatra, is telling the BJP that if it is in power, it is because of them. He has got the support of the main opposition party RJD on the issue of caste census and special category status., Whereas BJP is opposing it. But Nitish Kumar does not care about that protest.

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