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By the way, bypassing all logic, the Election Commission had conducted the assembly elections of West Bengal in eight phases in the midst of the dreaded second wave of Corona virus. Many parties kept demanding that in view of the increasing number of infected, the election should be ended soon, but the commission did everything according to the schedule. The commission has also started preparations for the assembly elections of five states to be held next year and has said that everything will be according to the schedule. Therefore, there should not be any doubt about the election schedule.

But in the meantime, a new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has knocked and the whole world is in panic due to it. It is being said about Omicron that it spreads at six to seven times faster than Delta and no dose of vaccine is affecting it. Although more studies are being done about it, but one figure is that it took one hundred days to spread as much as the delta variant that caused the most destruction., That much it is spread in just 15 days. The speed with which it leaves from South Africa and Botswana to Hong Kong, It is certainly a matter of concern that it has reached Israel and many European countries.

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Meanwhile, the havoc of Delta continues and the whole world is in its grip. whole europe, Many countries of America and Asia are also facing the third wave of Corona. Only then there is a possibility that the third wave may not start in India as well. Although the third wave may not be as frightening as the first two, the Election Commission should start preparations to avoid it. Keep in mind that cases have increased after festivals in many states. Uttar Pradesh now, Punjab, Party campaigns and election rallies have started in states like Goa etc. It is true that the Election Commission has not announced the election yet, so it has no legal role to play. Nevertheless, the Commission should take initiative in coordination with the Central and State Governments and for this some initiative must be taken so that the corona explosion does not happen due to the pre-poll rallies.

The eclipse of the corona virus can also affect the elections due to political reasons. Keep in mind that for a long time, it was being feared about Uttar Pradesh that the elections could be postponed because the BJP is not seeing the situation in its favour. This was also feared because of the BJP’s own internal politics. Only if there is a delay in the election of Uttar Pradesh and other states due to Corona, then it will spoil the momentum created by the opposition parties.

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