No Gujarati in Gujarat court

Controversy has arisen again on the question of language in the High Court of Gujarat. As soon as a journalist Vishal Vyas started speaking in Gujarati, the judges said that you should speak in English. Vyas remained adamant. He said that I will speak in Gujarati only. The judges said that the language of this court is English as per Article 348 of the Constitution. If Vyas wants, the court will arrange for the facility to translate his words in English. This generosity of the court was commendable, but how sad it is that even today the British have a monopoly in the courts of India. Somebody ask these judges whether you have even read Section 348 properly or not? She says that the language of the court will be English but someone asks these judges whether they consider the criminal or the petitioner to be a court as well? Why don’t you let them speak in their language? You are violating their fundamental right by imposing English on them. No Gujarati in Gujarat court

Not only this, due to all the court proceedings conducted in English, the common people of the country are cheated. He doesn’t even care what his and the opposition’s lawyers are arguing. Whether their facts and arguments are straight or contrary, people are not able to decide and understanding the decisions taken in English is like climbing the Himalayas. Section 348 also says that Parliament can amend the Constitution to introduce Indian languages ​​in higher courts. It can also do away with the requirement to make laws in English. Apart from this, there is also a provision in this section that the Governor of any province can, with the consent of the President, allow the use of Hindi or other Indian languages ​​in his High Court.

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The question here is that why this provision has not been implemented in a state like Gujarat so far? This is the same Gujarat in which BJP’s Narendra Modi has been chief minister for years and is now prime minister. Maharishi Dayanand and Mahatma Gandhi were both Gujaratis and both had pioneered Hindi. Gujarat should have been at the fore in all the states of India and should have made Gujarati and Hindi compulsory in the Legislative Assembly and High Court. Enlightened parliamentarians should amend Article 348 of the Constitution to remove the monopoly of the English in law-making and out of the courts.

If parliament and legislatures are determined, the slavery of English can be ended immediately, such as French in Soviet Russia in 1917, Swedish in Finland 200 years ago and French in 16th century Britain and French in Turkey and The Arabic script was abolished. The slavery of the English language is worse than the slavery of the English people. Is there any political party or leader in the country who can get India out of this slavery?

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