No longer hiding: Karin Aliyah and Josie Zira in a relationship

The stars of “Big Brother”, Josie Zira and Karin Aliyah, who went out for a short time but their relationship did not continue into a relationship, are spending time together these days in Miami and sharing a couple photo.

The previous season’s stars of “Big Brother,” retired beauty queen Karin Aliyah and reality and DJ star Josie Arena have stated that there is nothing romantic between them. The two were caught several months ago on a joint date and were seen in a number of places holding hands and closer than just platonic friends. Shortly after the incriminating dates Arena was asked about the relationship with Aliyah and told TMI that they are only good friends and if there is anything else, he will update. 

Aliyah for her part said that their relationship is fresh and that at the moment there is not much to tell. After a few days Arena declared that he was still single and said that the relationship between him and Aliyah had run aground after misunderstandings in the communication between them. But it seems that the two have decided to make a comeback away from Israel and the paparazzi cameras and are not really trying to hide it. 

The two who are currently spending time in Miami, Florida, USA, each shared a separate photo of themselves from a “sitai” hotel on the Miami coast. Arena shared part of Aliya’s foot and hinted at her presence with him while Aliya shared her photos from the hotel in a bathing suit. If that wasn’t enough for you, the two spent the evening together at a party at the Kiki Club. Shortly after the publication of the article Arena shared a photo of them in love on the shores of Miami and put an end to the rumors.

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