North Korea bans leather coats to prevent people from copying Kim Jong-un’s style

It is being reported that North Korean authorities have banned the leather trench coat for their people as it has become a style staple for ruler Kim Jong-un. The Daily Mail reported that the leather coat was first worn by the leader in 2019, after which it became popular among North Korean elites, eager to show their allegiance to those who can afford genuine leather. Were. However, recently, knock-offs of the coat became popular. The traders selling them and the people wearing them are now facing action from the authorities. According to a report in International Business Times, the item also became popular among women after Kim’s sister Yo Jong was seen wearing it in November. Action has been taken on cheap imitation of fashion item. Sources familiar with the matter told Radio Free Asia that wearing these knock-offs was “a faux pas to challenge the right to the highest dignity”. ( kim jong un style )

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opposition to this move

News reports said fashion police officers have been deployed to patrol the streets to sell fake leather jackets or confiscate them from wearers. Radio Free Asia quoted a source as claiming that after Kim and the cohort wore leather coats on TV, the fashion item became a symbol of power. Subsequently, from September this year onwards, private traders asked trading executives to import synthetic leather and the designs worn by Kim were copied. The report said the youths are protesting the move, saying there was no reason to remove the items of clothing they bought with their money.

Kim Jong Un told people to eat less ( kim jong un style )

A North Pyongan resident told Radio Free Asia that even though leather trench coats were a recent trend, leather jackets had been worn by North Koreans since the early 2000s, when they were popularized by South Korean actor Jang Dong-gun. had gone. Kim Jong Un recently asked the people of North Korea to eat less by 2025, citing food shortage in the nation. Since the advent of the pandemic, North Korea has closed its national borders to supply goods from China. In addition, tighter sanctions on this East-Asian country aimed at controlling its nuclear and weapons program also contributed to the drying up of food resources. Officials are designating the foreshadowing period of the famine as the hard march, a term that finds its roots in the famine that struck North Korea after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which killed more than 3 million people. (kim jong un style)

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