Not all video makers are from Bollywood! The crackdown on fake news started.

73 twitter handles suspended 4 youtube channels and 1 instagram

-Sharad Rai

As we had already told that the “virtual” war will start as soon as the legislative-elections are announced in 5 states of the country. In view of Corona, the Election Commission has declared the campaign completely virtual. Virtually – through the Internet, there will be publicity only on social media. Take sir, the propaganda did not start that the chaos started. The Union Minister for Electronics and IT has started receiving complaints. Based on a complaint, 73 Twitter handles, 4 YouTube channels and 1 Instagram game have been suspended by the ministry.

It is understood that the ‘creators’ of his social media news are from abroad or outside Pakistan. It is understandable that now during the election, the creation of hate speech and fake news will increase a lot. A viewer has shared the report of the news about which the IT Ministry has taken action on the Twitter handle of the ministry itself. In this video the Prime Minister is shown becoming very violent in the Parliament House. However, it is being told that this video is being streamed since 2020. People have demanded that such creators should be immediately detected and punished.

It means that this concept has been left far behind now that only Bollywood people know how to make a film or a video. They need to be severely censored. In fact, those who understand this need to understand that ‘Creators’ can be from anywhere, they can be anyone and they can also come from foreign soil wearing the garb of “Made in India”. In what form the material will remain, it will also be like seeing diversity.

virtual vote war, virtual meetings, digital war combat 3d technology will be used

Now that the elections have started in 5 states of the country, out of which two states are very sensitive, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. There are elections for the remaining three other states. There is a fear that the social media will be dominated by ethnic and religious hysteria in UP.

There (Varanasi) there is also a parliamentary constituency of the Prime Minister, so the frenzy remains and will continue to increase. Punjab has its own wind and political battle. There is also the impact of the peasant movement. Now that the election grounds will remain deserted, then obviously the entire spread of propaganda will be seen spewing poison on social media platforms. These platforms will be- Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter handle, Instagram etc.

The content that will be given on these social media platforms will be in the form of – virtual vote war, virtual meetings, digital warfare technology and 3D technology. The promises you hear in the name of religion, in the name of giving benefits and in the name of reservation, you may be surprised. Such a big deception would never have been shown by Bollywood or any wood films. With so much technology, these delicious ingredients will be presented to us which would never have come.

So, be smart, beware because under the umbrella of the corona pandemic, dangerous variants from corona variants can appear on social media in the form of election material. Must be continued. We will also request the Election Commission and the Ministry of Electronics and IT of the Government to promote the vaccine (manual) to prevent the infection of social media.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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