Novak Djokovic and a confession that puts him on the ropes: They could deport him

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic He acknowledged that he gave an interview in December 2021 to the newspaper L’Equipe knowing that he was positive for COVID. This was not all, but he would also have lied on his income statement to enjoy the tournament in Melbourne, Australia.

“I felt compelled to go to the interview with L’Equipe so as not to disappoint the journalist, but I kept a social distance and a mask all the time, except during the photographs. Returning home I isolated myself and reflected. I made an error in judgment and I admit that I had to postpone the appointment,” said the athlete.

Days before the interview with the French media, Nole had shared a celebration with young tennis players in Serbia. However, he assured that in those events all the tests that had been carried out gave negative results.

The tennis player underwent a PCR on December 16, the result of which came out that same day, but it was not until the 17th when he was notified of the positive after having participated in an act with the children.

Novak Djokovic

Nole with young tennis players in December 2021The tennis player would have tested positive on December 16, 2021 and two days later he completed the interview. The situation was also in evidence since during the family’s press conference after the last resolution of the Australian authorities, they got up and ended the conference when asked about the subject.

Regarding the erroneous information that appeared on his entry to Australia, Djokovic said that it was his agent who completed it.

“On the subject of my travel declaration, it was submitted by my support team on my behalf, as I told the immigration officer on arrival and my agent sincerely apologized for typing the wrong box on my previous trip to Australia. This was a human error and not deliberate, “said the Serb.

He also added that in this situation they have already contacted the authorities of the Australian country “Today my team provided additional information to the Australian government to clarify the situation,” he said.

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Novak Djokovic is already training in Australia: “I want to stay and compete at the Australian Open”

Once the Australian Justice ruled in his favor, Djokovic expressed his desire to be able to play the Australian Open through a message he posted on his social networks: “I am pleased and grateful that the judge revoked the cancellation of my visa. . Despite everything that has happened in the past week, I want to stay and try to compete at the Australian Open. I’m still focused on that. I flew here to play in one of the biggest events we have in front of amazing fans. For now I can not say more, but THANK YOU for being with me in all this and encouraging me to stay strong.

Despite the court victory, the Immigration Minister could use his power to revoke Djokovic’s visa and expel him from the country.

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