Now China’s warning said – in the new year, instead of sweets, bullets should not come…

New Delhi | China’s threat to India : After the dispute over Galvan Valley, now once again the Chinese government has warned India in a threatening manner. The newspaper Global Times, which is considered to be the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, has warned Indian politicians. It has been said in the mouthpiece that New Year’s sweets should not be allowed to be converted into bullets by anti-China statements. At the beginning of the new year 2022, the soldiers of India and China fed each other sweets on the border. At the same time, there was a report in the Global Times in which it was claimed that China has hoisted its flag in the Galvan Valley on the New Year. Due to this wrong propaganda of the Chinese media, the dispute had once again increased in both the countries and the opposition parties started besieging the Modi government.

China's threat to India :

send each other not pills but sweets

China’s threat to India Giving a stern warning to India in an editorial article of Global Times, it was said that there has been a tradition of distributing sweets on major festivals. This has been happening continuously between India and China on the border. It was shown in the report that it was stopped due to tension for the last 2 years but started it again this year but unfortunately the opposition of India described it as surrendering to China. In such a situation, it was said that in festivals, send sweets to each other and not pills.

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target on opposition

China’s threat to India : In the editorial post of Global Times, the opposition was fiercely targeted. The report said that there are some people in India who oppose China and because of politics, India wants to spoil China’s relations. It has been written in the report that if India’s domestic politics also has an American reason, then it is India’s loss. The report also said that India’s media shows the anti-China talk of America and West countries in detail, which generates negative feelings for China. This is not right because it will only harm India in the coming times.

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