Now it is neither Mansarovar nor that swan

Gone are the days when people used to become water-water even if they made the slightest mistake. There used to be water in the eyes then. Now that water has dried up. It is going to be fifty years since Manoj Kumar’s ‘Shor’ told us what the color of water is? Like the one in which you mix. The color of the water of all the so-called watery people of our present-day world has become exactly the same – the one in which you mix looks like that. This is the reason why the days of sticking to any political philosophy are gone. That is why the stream of thoughts has become colorless, odorless, tasteless, humiliated.

Now all the colors of life are in being a rolling lot. Now the whole scent of life is in holding the mast of its meaning. Now all the tastes of life are for your own dripping saliva – peace. In such a situation, these days are to greet and find the vines that are wrapped in the stem of positive ideology. But who cares to do it? When the peak state of mind is that where there is annihilation, there is annihilation for one and a half years, then in such a situation whatever happens, is happening. That is why we are seeing such people going from here to there every day, who used to take vows to live and die together.

To think that those who are going, they had to go is wrong. One should think that what is happening after all that people have become so sad, desperate and upset that they are leaving their homes? Let’s assume that they are mean, as long as they keep getting something, and when their hopes of getting something are completely dashed, they leave. But will this help us to forgive the guilt of irresponsibility of the great men sitting at the wheel of the decision-making process?

So, the questions are many. First of all, let us ask the people leaving the house, were you Huzoor? Somebody must have taught you to walk by holding your finger? Somebody must have made you big by feeding you in their lap? Someone must have provided their gym to give your muscles a chance to flourish? Somebody must have given you an opportunity to swirl your nappies in the political arena? So even if your ideological connection does not affect your decisions, then you can keep your eyes watering so much that by holding your finger you became a command from Nathukhaira, do not leave them like this!

Then let us ask those, who have the power to make such and such, that when you were engaged in making someone so big by nurturing someone for years, would you have taken the cannabis scam in the morning-afternoon-evening? Were? Seeing something in someone, would you give him a place in your lap? Or do you just put your finger in someone’s hand and carry it around with you? When you teach someone the tricks of political wrestling in your gym, do you see something inside them? So does your discerning power to choose people go to the grass to graze on real occasions? If so, why not what is happening to you?

Well everyone knows, but still let me tell you what is happening, why is it happening? This is happening because the queen is on guard. Yuvraj is on guard. The princess is on guard. They are surrounded by guards. The tiny cracks in the guard windows let in as much light of information and information as the watchmen want. The cords of these guards are near their remote controllers. You-we are only cursed to see puppet dance.

I have known many politicians in four decades. Among them were many Gullivers. Among them were many Lilliput dwarves. There must have been a desire to do everything in his fist in his side-by-side. But they were not able to hold their followers in their fists. For a decade or so from today, most of the earlier politicians were not bonded to the single-window system. People could reach him through him, if not him. But now most of the politicians have become so intrusive that they have become completely dependent on one and this one becomes so omnipotent that no one can reach the crown prince or princess without getting out from under his leg. In most cases, the sahib-sahib does not even know who has been trying to meet him for how many years?

Those subjects who could not see their king and queen for many years, did they not get the right to leave the kingdom? The king himself does not come to meet anyone. If you go to meet you don’t get it. He doesn’t talk himself. If you go to do it, you don’t listen properly. Even when the servants of the surroundings are roaming around as the Maharaja, seeing the king, who will keep circling him again and again, causing his troubles?

Now you understand that those who went, why did they go? Why are those who are leaving? Who will go, why will he go? The way to keep people attached to you is not a one-way street. The pleasure of wanting is that they too are helpless; There was fire on both sides. Let’s not be right, but on the other hand there are some signs of humming too! Sometimes we put someone in our quilt and then leave it outside to chill in the cold, then people will wander somewhere in search of warmth. Not everyone is going to live on the flame of ideological firmness. Whatever happens, has any queen, crown prince or princess ever done anything to maintain their perseverance?

So why expect that all will be sacrificed on the stream of thoughts, everyone will give life for us and we look at them, look, don’t look! The times have changed. That time is no more. Now Mansarovar is neither like that nor Hans like that. Earlier Mansarovar never dried up, so the swans did not need to go anywhere else. Even if it had been drying up, the swans were also such that they used to give up their lives there, but they did not go anywhere except dry Mansarovar. But that was Mansarovar-era. This is the age of ponds and puddles. He was the swan of Mansarovar. These are the ducks of the puddles. But even the sin of turning Mansarovar into puddles and its swans into ducks should be taken on their forehead! The day when someone will cross the threshold to wash away these sins, a new hymn of re-creation will begin. I am looking forward to that day. You do it too. (The writer is the editor of News-views India and a national functionary of the Congress Party.)

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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