Now it’s getting hot! Midsummer gets going again

After the storm roller comes the sweat-heat. Meteorologists predict a return of the hot summer days.

The summer of 2021 has so far been divided into two parts, with often inconsistent weather in the west and significantly above-average temperatures in the south-east. According to the experts at the Austrian Severe Weather Center ( www.uwz.at ), summer is now back on track and in the course of the week temperatures over 30 degrees are in sight in every federal state.

Hot days
Compared to the mean from 1991 to 2020, the summer in the south-east of Austria was so far 1.5 to 2 degrees too warm, while the deviation from the mean in the far west, in Bregenz, is -0.3 degrees.

“This pattern is also reflected in the hot days,” says UWZ chief meteorologist Manfred Spatzierer. “In Bregenz there have been 5 hot days with a maximum of at least 30 degrees, on the other hand, in Klagenfurt and Graz with 19 and 21 respectively, more hot days were recorded than can be expected on average over the entire summer”.

Weather change

In the coming days, the core of the heat peak will shift from south-east Europe towards south-west Europe, where extreme temperatures of over 45 degrees are in sight in the course of the second half of the week, for example in southern Spain .

“The high pressure pushes the frontal zone across Central Europe from the Alpine region to northern Germany and in western Austria the way is cleared for warm air masses of subtropical origin,” said Spatzierer.

New thunderstorms

On Tuesday and Wednesday the sunshine predominates in large parts of the country with only harmless clouds. In the afternoon, however, cumulus clouds form and locally strong thunderstorms fall from the Tauern and Gurktal Alps via Styria to the south of Lower Austria. Occasionally, however, these can also spill over to the east.

The temperatures rise widespread in summer to 25 to 30 degrees, with 31 degrees locally also within reach on Tuesday in the east and on Wednesday in the extreme south.

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It’s going to be midsummer

On Thursday , an interim high is noticeable across the country and the sunny weather continues. Isolated heat thunderstorms are most likely possible over the mountain and hill country from the Lavanttal Alps to the Bucklige Welt. Most of the time it stays dry and with 26 to 32 degrees it gets hot in the middle of summer in every federal state.

On Friday , the influence of high pressure eases a little and the thunderstorm tendency increases again, especially in the mountains. The temperatures remain at a high summer level, in the southeast it is even a bit hotter. According to the current status, a change is only possible at the beginning of the week

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