Omicron blast in Rajasthan, 21 new infected came together on Christmas, total number increased to 43

Jaipur | Omicron Blast in Rajasthan: The ‘Omicron’ variant of Corona has exploded on Christmas day in Rajasthan. In the state, 21 people have been found infected with Omicron simultaneously. After which there has been a stir in the health department of the state. The Health Department has now started isolating the Omicron infected cases in the dedicated Omicron ward while doing contact tracing of these persons. Not only this, there has also been a big increase in the cases of corona infection in the capital Jaipur. According to the report of the Health Department, 26 new corona infected cases have been registered in Jaipur.

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Report received from Pune lab
Omicron Blast in Rajasthan: According to the report received from Pune’s lab on Saturday, out of the samples sent for the state’s gymone sequencing test, the report of 21 has come positive. After which the total number of Omicron infected in Rajasthan has gone up to 43. In which 28 people from Jaipur, 7 from Ajmer, 4 from Sikar, 3 from Udaipur and one from Maharashtra are included.

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Omicron’s cases surfaced here today
Jaipur has the maximum number of 21 Omicron infected in Rajasthan. There are 11 in Jaipur, 6 in Ajmer, 3 in Udaipur and one infected from Maharashtra. Out of the infected found in Jaipur, 5 people have returned after traveling abroad. 3 persons had come in contact with foreign travelers whereas, 3 persons have come to the fore in contact tracing of Omicron infected found earlier.

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If there is no ‘vaccine’ in Rajasthan now, then there is no benefit of ‘government scheme’
In view of the ever-increasing corona infection in the state, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has clearly said that no person can refuse to get the vaccine. When we can make masks mandatory, we can also make vaccines mandatory. CM has strictly asked all the people to get the vaccine done in a month or else he will have to face fine and he will be deprived of the benefits of government schemes. Because, now from February 1, 2022, if there is no ‘vaccine’ in the state, then there will be no benefit of ‘government scheme’.

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