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New Delhi. The new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has reached 19 states of the country and the number of its patients has exceeded five hundred. On Sunday, the first patient of Omicron was found in Himachal Pradesh. 31 new cases were found in Maharashtra, the most infected with Omicron, after which the number of cases in the state increased to 141. Other than this On Sunday, two new cases were confirmed in Andhra Pradesh, four in Odisha and eight in Madhya Pradesh. With this, the number of infected with Omicron increased to 505 across the country. Maharashtra tops in terms of Omicron infected followed by Delhi.

Eight Omicron infected were confirmed in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. All the patients are from Indore. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that six out of eight infected have gone to their homes after recovering, while two are hospitalized. After getting four new patients in Odisha, the total number of infected people has increased to eight. Due to the delay in genome sequencing, Omicron patients are being detected late and by then they are recovering from treatment.

However, a new variant of corona has reached 19 states and union territories of the country, with the highest number of 141 cases in Maharashtra. 79 cases have been found in the capital Delhi, 49 in Gujarat, 43 in Rajasthan, 41 in Telangana and 38 each in Karnataka and Kerala. The number of Omicron patients in Tamil Nadu is 34. Apart from these, the number of Omicron infected in other states is in single digits.

In view of the increasing cases of Omicron, the central government has decided to send a central team to 10 states. Among them, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the states where Omicron has more cases. While in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Mizoram, Jharkhand and Punjab, central teams have been deployed in view of the pace of vaccination and the possibility of increasing cases. These teams will pay special attention to tracing, tracking and vaccination in collaboration with the state health officials.

Meanwhile, the good news is that corona patients are recovering with normal treatment. Of the 51 Omicron patients admitted to Delhi’s Lok Nayak Hospital, 40 have recovered. Director of the hospital Dr. Suresh Kumar said that most of the patients were asymptomatic and none of these patients were given oxygen, steroids or remdesivir.

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