Omicron grew eight times in 12 days!

New Delhi. The number of patients of Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, has reached above eight hundred. In India, the number of Omicron patients went above one hundred on December 17 and after that its cases have increased eight times in 12 days. The maximum number of Omicron patients have been found in the national capital Delhi. By the time of writing the news on Wednesday, the number of Omicron patients in Delhi had increased to 238 and the number of patients of this variant in the country had reached 838. Maharashtra has the highest number of 167 patients after Delhi. Omicron cases increased

Meanwhile, it is being claimed in many research that the Omicron variant will work like a vaccine and it will provide more immunity than any vaccine. Its symptoms are also minor and it is being treated without going to the hospital. However, on Wednesday, 23 new cases of Omicron were found in Rajasthan, in which the number of Omicron infected has increased to 69 in the state. The new variant has reached seven cities in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is at number four in terms of the number of Omicron patients. Gujarat ranks second with its 78 patients.

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On Wednesday, 10 new patients of the new variant have been identified in Andhra Pradesh. Now the total cases in the state have increased to 16. On Wednesday, another Omicron infected was confirmed in Uttar Pradesh. So far, a total of four Omicron cases have been found in the state. The infected found on Wednesday is a resident of Siddharthnagar and had returned from Britain a few days ago. Omicron infection is increasing rapidly in the country. The number of its infected had crossed one on 17 December. After that, within 12 days, Omicron’s patients in the country have exceeded eight hundred. Although its patients are recovering quickly.

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