Omicron should be welcomed, the President of this country made a strange statement…

New Delhi | Strange Statement By President : Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is often in controversies about his statements, is once again in the discussion. This time he has given a strange statement about the Omicron virus responsible for the growing coronavirus across the world. The President of Brazil says that Omicron can be called a vaccine virus. Beyond this, it is also said that this is a variant that should be welcomed. Bolsonaro said that many pharmaceutical companies have said that this variant should be welcomed because it signals the end of the epidemic.

Strange Statement By President :

WHO gave this statement

Strange Statement By President : After the statement of the President of Brazil in this regard, the WHO also reacted. The World Health Organization expressed deep objection to this statement, saying that the virus that kills people cannot be welcomed in any way. In a press conference held in Geneva, WHO’s emergency director Mikram said that it is less contagious and not serious but it does not mean that it is a mild disease.

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More than six lakh deaths in Brazil

Strange Statement By President : Let us tell you that the name of Brazil is also included in the countries most affected by Corona. In 2 years, more than 600,000 people died due to corona virus in Brazil. Even after this, this statement of the President of Brazil is shocking. Let us tell you that even in the beginning, Bolsonaro had said in relation to this epidemic and virus that it is like a minor flu.

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