One year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona

At the age of 60 and as a result of acute heart failure, which caused lung edema, Maradona was found dead, in the San Andrés neighborhood, in the Buenos Aires district of Tigre.

A year and days ago after being found lifeless, El 10 had been installed after the operation on his head to which he was subjected for a subdural hematoma. Surgery that left him very weak in health, according to those close to him, but from which he was beginning to recover.

a year without Diego Armando Maradona

A few hours after the first anniversary, there are many fans who are still mourning his death and express their appreciation for this great soccer player who left so many joys for the world of soccer, but above all for all Argentines.

Eternal Diego: Maradona’s unforgettable visit to Misiones : a year without Diego Armando Maradona

On October 30, 1960, “Pelusa” came to the world, which over time became the “Ten”, the captain of the national team in the last World Cup that Argentina won. Online missions recalls the day that one of the best footballers of all time made the missionary capital delirious.

death of Diego Armando Maradona
The day Maradona visited Misiones

May 9, 1992 is not another day in the rich history of Misiones. Some even dare to say that their life was a before and after after that journey.

There were many, but at the same time few, the lucky ones who had the possibility, that afternoon, to be present at the Clemente Argentino Fernández de Oliveira Stadium, located in Villa Sarita.

The number of people who filled the stands varies according to the narrator, but everyone agrees that the court has never been that way again.

a year without Diego Armando Maradona

On May 9, 1992, Diego Armando Maradona attended a soccer match to benefit the Children’s Pavilion of the Madariaga Hospital. “El Diego” scored three goals in the mission capital, but everyone remembers the third.

Diego Maradona’s heart: where it is kept and why it was removed from the body

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