Oops! ‘Lut alive’ PM’s ‘Thanks’

what has happened to india, what syria, Are there such situations of insecurity within India?, The Prime Minister who said (to the officers) that ,Thanks to my CM (Charanjit Singh Channi) that I was able to return alive till Bathinda airport.,, think, of a prime minister ,Alive, On the meaning of the dialogue that celebrates returning, Has Punjab become Khalistani?, Are Sikh and peasant protesters after their lives?, If Narendra Modi’s convoy would have been stuck in a jam of Kashmiri protesters at any flyover in Srinagar, then the Prime Minister would have escaped and saved his life. ,Thanks, That could have been embraced. But in Punjab such a smattering of insecurity and threat to life in the heart and mind of the Prime Minister!

Was Narendra Modi really worried about his life while sitting in his car stuck on the flyover?, And until their convoy reached the airport, they were worried about their lives., Is India the country’s security setup?, The SPG, the security agency of the Prime Minister, is no longer capable enough to not allow fear to strike the Prime Minister. How did Narendra Modi become so frightened that as soon as he reached the airport thinking, he was torn apart by this dialogue in front of the officers. ,Thanks to my CM that I was able to return alive till Bathinda airport,,

I do not notice any such incident of President-Prime Minister of the world., in which the Prime Minister has spoken in such panic, He had to run away to save his life, like Narendra Modi had reached Bathinda airport from the flyover near Hussainiwala in the sense of coming back alive. Many Prime Ministers-Presidents in the world are stuck in the jam, There have been incidents of demonstrations being faced, but the world has not heard from the mouth of any Prime Minister that he should express his fear in front of his officers and say that ,Thanks,came back alive,, and the whole country, ruling party, Supporters should perform puja and havan to avoid the danger to the life of the Prime Minister. Go to church and ring the bell. The priests worship.

The overall reason for the incident is a security lapse. Its number one responsible agency is the SPG made only for the security of the Prime Minister. but the prime minister, Minister, What the ruling parties and media are assuming and arguing what happened ,Was with bloody intentions of Congress (Smriti Irani), or ,Bloody intentions of Congress failed, Or it happened because of the conspiracy of Khalistanis. All this bluntly means that the Prime Minister is no longer safe even in his own country. The politics of the country has become so violent that bloody intentions of the parties have become and Khalistani can do whatever they want in Punjab. The protesting farmers are Khalistani.

notice, of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,came back alive, From the dialogue to the meeting with the President, On headlines and narratives. What picture of India emerges from that?, first thing, Even the Prime Minister is not safe in India. other thing, From top security agency SPG to local police, everything is ineffective. third thing, Politics drinking each other’s blood in the country. fourth thing, The Prime Minister is scared. fifth point, Punjab, PM insecure between Khalistan and Sikh farmers. Six, Sesame palm made of India 140 million people every day, day to day insecurities, The purpose of creating fear and devotion.

Yes, How can a common citizen consider himself safe when the Prime Minister of the country himself is saying that I am lucky that I was able to return alive till the airport. When worship is being done in front of God for the safety of the Prime Minister, then the common man takes his own safety., what would you think about life, The more serious issue is that 140 What such things are support and opposition among crores of people?, Not by creating feelings of devotion and hatred towards the Prime Minister. farmers in punjab, Sikh, What would all the alleged Khalistanis be thinking?, It doesn’t matter whether the Prime Minister spoke in horror at the Bathinda airport or for political purposes., The reality is that for two-three days the whole country has been making headlines and debates on his point. The total effect of this is unnecessary fear and division and insecurity in the society.

Only then in the record of personality-work of Narendra Modi ,Thanks to my CM (Charanjit Singh Channi) that I was able to return alive till Bathinda airport., A memorable sentence.

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