Outcry of patients in two hospitals of the capital Delhi! Doctors go on strike, medical services crumbling

New Delhi | Delhi Doctors Strike: Medical services in two big hospitals of Delhi have collapsed. In such a situation, the life of the patients is in danger. Resident doctors of Kasturba Gandhi Hospital and Bada Hindu Rao Hospital under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation have gone on strike over their demands. These doctors allege that they have not been paid salary for the last 3 months. With this, his DA has also been stopped. In such a situation, they are facing difficulty in running the family expenses. Due to which they had to go on strike.

Delhi Doctors Strike: Doctors who are on strike say that their DA was increased in July, which has not been given yet and salary has not been received since September. Along with this, the striking doctors have also warned that if their demands are not met, they will go on a complete strike from November 26 and the emergency service will also be completely stopped. Let us tell you that yesterday also the resident doctors of Hindurao Hospital went on strike.

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Delhi government did not give salary money
Regarding the strike of resident doctors, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation says that the Delhi government has not given money, so how to pay the salaries of doctors. On the other hand, the Delhi government says that we have given money on time.

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This is not the first time to strike for salary
This is not the first time in such a big hospital of Delhi that doctors have gone on strike in the matter of withholding salary. Last year also, doctors went on strike for not getting salary. The same thing is happening once again. Doctors who went on strike say that they were assured last time also, but not a single demand was fulfilled. Then it was given in writing that the salary would be paid on time, but the salary has been withheld for months. Not only this, the arrears of the 7th Pay Commission have also not been given yet.

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