Padel | The young Facundo López the new missionary promise that seeks to succeed internationally

The 17-year-old missionary, Facundo López, is the missionary promise in the world of Argentine Padel. The athlete resides in Mexico and competes in the ATPP of that country.

Although the player took his first steps in Misiones, his father Luis explained that an academy in the province of San Luis offered him to move to the Aztec country “last year they sent an invitation from Mundo Pádel, in which they were in direct contact with entrepreneurs from Mexico and that is how this project came about.”

Facundo went with another athlete from San Luis, to compete and form a game pair. After a while his team partner returned to the country and the missionary had to become a player and join another player to make a partner.

Facundo is currently ranked 6th in the Mexican ranking and will seek to continue climbing internationally “the tournaments were stopped due to the pandemic, I left in December 2020, after three months the tournaments started and they began to compete in the ATPP circuit that It is the national tournament of that country.”

Facundo is currently ranked 6th in the Mexican ranking and will seek to continue climbing internationally. In addition to the Mexican national tournament, he competed representing our country “After the national tournaments, I was able to play the Pan American and the World Cup for minors, which thank God was excellent for me”

As for the Pan American, he added “it was a dream because it is the first time that I have been called up since the Argentine national team to play with seniors, I feel that it is very satisfying for me and my family”.

Both championships were held in Mexico, so it was easy for the athlete “the World Cup was incredible, I didn’t know if I could play it and then being champion was something incredible that I didn’t expect, a unique experience, it was my best year without Doubts”

The missionary stressed that the sport in the Aztec country has its differences with the Argentine and especially with the first category Spanish padel “It is just starting in Mexico the level players there are Argentine and we are starting the ATPP circuits but it still has sporting differences with the circuit here in Argentina and Spain” he released

Sportingly, the missionary’s future goal is to continue growing and for this he will play international APTs. His dream, as he commented, is to be able to play the World Padel Tour.

As for his main references, he commented that his idol was always Belasteguín, and today his reference is Agustín Tapia, both Argentines.

His father expressed that he feels very happy for Facundo’s present “it is a great pride for one as a father, we are a family that has always fought, we have accompanied him since he was 12 years old”

Likewise, Facundo began his career with Leo Augsburguer, today number 1 in Argentina.

Luis also added the difficulty that having to be separated from his son generated for him as a father “I had to leave my son 11,000 km from my house, at just 16 years old in a place where he did not know anyone, and I took the time to meet the people of the club, the Mexicans are very wonderful people and they have treated us very well,” he said.

Facundo’s achievements were not only in sports during 2021 but also in education. The athlete managed to complete his secondary studies during the pandemic and virtually. But as if this were not enough, not only was he received but he did so by studying at a school in Andresito.

The young promise expressed that Padel continues to evolve in the province and also throughout the country “they are having a great level” he said. This is how he also recognized the present of his colleague Augsburguer “Leo is the best in Argentina and that speaks a lot about our province”

Finally, Facundo stated that next week he will begin training. The preseason will be held in Posadas together with number 1 in Argentina. In March, he will travel to Paraguay to join an international APT and then return to Mexico.

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