Pakistan: Dal very good but……?

when pakistan was born, He has been standing on his head but Imran Khan has announced to make him stand on his feet. He has announced such a policy for the first time in the history of Pakistan., Which will not only improve its relations with India but will also change the status of Pakistan in the world. Till now, Pakistan has been standing in front of the powerful and wealthy nations of the world, spreading its bag and their military has remained a hanger. is the only reason, His enmity with India!

This enmity has cost Pakistan dearly. he fought three wars, Turned the back of terrorism and got Jinnah’s country into two pieces. Sometimes he had to become a slave of America and sometimes of China! Not only this, The people of self-respecting and independent health of Pakistan have to do slavery to the army.

The Imran government has now announced the security and economic policy of Pakistan being prepared for the last seven years. It was started by Mian Sartaj Aziz, the guide of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Obviously, the Imran government could not have announced this without the green signal of its army. It said that there would be no enmity with India for the next hundred years and Pakistan would follow a policy of peace with its neighbours. Trade and economic relations with India will also take a smooth shape. Kashmir will not become a hindrance in this process.

A very subtle thing has also been said in the same document which has not gone unnoticed by the newspapers and TV channels of India. That is, he will not become a ruffian of any superpower. He will focus on his economic strategy more than on the tactical. If indeed Pakistan can convert its words into actions, then the future of the whole of South Asia will shine, but it is clear that the final decision is in the hands of Pakistan’s army.

It is believed that this unique announcement has been made with the consent of the army. If so, why did Pakistan along with China boycott the meeting organized by India on the Afghan crisis?, deported to afghanistan 50 Why is thousand tonnes of wheat not being allowed to be taken there yet?, Why is the question of Kashmir being dragged repeatedly on UN forums?, Why the Imran government does not take the initiative to talk to India,

Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, General Musharraf, Whenever I have met Benazir Bhutto and General Zia, I have told them that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto used to talk of fighting for a thousand years to snatch Kashmir from India., This is completely absurd. Kashmir can be solved by talking, not by kicking. But still this new document 100 of pages 50 So they are kept hidden. Why , Is there anything black in Imran’s dal?,

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