Panic among the prisoners of Bihar! Raid in jails, investigation started after finding objectionable things

Buxar | Bihar Jails Raids: There is a stir among the prisoners lodged in the jails of Bihar. Bihar Police has come into action mode today. On Saturday morning, Bihar Police officers have suddenly carried out raids in jails. After which there is panic among the prisoners.

Police remained empty handed in Hajipur
Bihar Jails Raids: Early this morning, the administrative officers reached inside Hajipur Jail to conduct raids. Hundreds of policemen along with all the senior officers including DM, SP of Hajipur district raided inside the jail for about two hours. However, the police have not recovered any incriminating material during this period. In this regard, DM Udita Singh told that the police has done a surprise inspection of the jail. During the operation, no objectionable object was recovered from inside the jail.

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Raid in Buxar jail too
Not only this, apart from Hajipur, the police have also carried out raids in the Central Jail of Buxar. In this raid led by DM SP, the police personnel have carefully searched the barracks of the prisoners. Apart from khaini gutkha, the police have also recovered dry grass from here. Seeing which it is feared that this dry grass may have been used by the prisoners as an intoxicant. Police is engaged in its investigation.

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Regarding the action taken here, Buxar DM Aman Sameer says that, in view of the Panchayat elections, a raid was conducted in the Central Jail, during which dry grass has been recovered in addition to Khaini Gutkha. It is being verified. Such action will continue to be taken in future also.

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