Parents donated the organs of their 6 year old daughter, as the doctor declared her brain dead

New Delhi: The parents of a six-year-old girl who was declared brain dead at AIIMS Trauma Center donated her heart, liver, kidney and cornea. After doctors declared him brain dead on Friday, the Organ Recovery and Banking Organization (ORBO-AIIMS) informed the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), which allocated organs to the needy on the basis of a waiting list. . Dr Deepak Gupta, Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, told PTI that a seven-year-old boy from Lucknow will undergo a liver transplant, who is admitted to another hospital in Delhi.

Dr. Gupta is also looking after the organ donation activities at JPNATC Trauma Centre. No needy person of equal age has been found for the heart. The heart valve has been kept for later use. Both kidneys were to be transplanted into another child on Friday night. Both corneas will also be transplanted into two other children. Doctor Gupta said, a girl named Roli was shot in the head. The bullet was probably fired at his father by some unknown person. Police investigation is on in this case. The girl was admitted to the Department of Neurosurgery of the Trauma Center on the morning of 28 April. Doctor Gupta said that his condition was critical and the CT scan showed a bullet in his head. After investigation, he was declared brain dead on Friday morning at 11.40 am.

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