Paris: Messi jerseys sold out, the next game is expected in October

Damn Lionel Messi jersey in Paris Saint-Germain , as they have sold out in record time

Not even the most optimistic player of Paris Saint-Germain and ike Nike would expect to see that Lionel Messi ‘s jerseys would sell out so quickly.

Within 24 hours, the stock that existed with shirts bearing the name of the Argentine has almost “disappeared” as they have remained minimal for sale and are the expensive home shirts that someone will have to pay almost 160 euros to buy.

However, this has also caused a panic as Nike seems to have to run too fast to make new shirts. In fact, in a message that exists in the stores of Paris Saint-Germain, it is mentioned that due to the… sale, the next shirts will be available in October!

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They obviously did not expect to sell out so quickly. On the website of Paris, it seems that all the replica appearances have been sold and there are only a few of them left at home and in specific sizes. It is characteristic that all the male appearances have been sold in a period of 16 hours! The same goes for the Nike page.

“Hello friends of Paris! Due to high demand, we quickly sell out Lionel Messi’s jerseys. “We expect to have additional shirts available on the website for pre-order, with shipping dates in October soon,” reads the message in Paris stores.

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