Pass Market | Ángel Romero will be the first reinforcement for Sebastián Battaglia’s team

Angel Romero

This was confirmed by the club, where they have not yet defined whether the signing of the contract will take place this Tuesday or Wednesday.

The talks between the 29-year-old Paraguayan forward and the Soccer Council were taking place in a very optimistic context. But there was an issue that forced both parties to be cautious: it happened that, after terminating his contract with San Lorenzo, the footballer could not officially negotiate with any other team until the end of the 2021 season. Failure to comply with this premise , he could lose the close to US $ 1,000,000 that they owe him in his ex-club. With the calendar change, everything was released. That detail fixed in the contractual annulment prescribed.

The illusion of closing the first reinforcement this week is great, because that of Boca is the only formal negotiation that advanced, after an alleged interest from Fenerbahce, of Turkey, which has been diluted in recent days.

Just as the announcement was delayed due to a legal issue involving San Lorenzo, now there is another factor that accelerated this announcement, and it is related to the selection of Paraguay.

It happens that on January 27, the team led by Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto receives Uruguay for the Qualifiers. To be part of that list (a fixed one), Romero must have a current contract with an institution. And at the same time, that club must receive the information of that citation at least 15 days before the game.

This means that Boca and Romero must speed up the procedures so that on Wednesday the 12th the Paraguayan Soccer Association will contact Brandsen 805 to announce that the new incorporation will be called for the first double date of the 2022 Qualifiers. Five days later (the 1st February), Albirroja, who is very difficult to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, visits Brazil.

Regarding the physical, Boca has already made the corresponding inquiries to find out the state of the experienced striker, who will turn 30 in July. In this regard, all the thumbs were raised, beyond the fact that the entity of La Ribera will have to do the official medical studies before signing his contract.

What does Boca gain with the incorporation of Romero? Add an experienced player, with international touch and handsome. Some of those who are now part of the Soccer Council, and who were footballers in the 90s, venture to compare him with a Paraguayan who left his mark in the Bombonera almost three decades ago: Roberto Cabañas.

If there are no last-minute impediments, Romero will sign his contract in the next few days, and will immediately join the preseason, which the team will carry out from this Monday at the Ezeiza campus, under the orders of Sebastián Battaglia.

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