Petrol Diesel / Price Reduced: Now the prices of petrol / diesel reduced here in the country, CM himself tweeted the information….

New Delhi | Petrol Diesel Price Reduced : After Diwali, PM Modi announced that the people of the country had given a big gift by reducing the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs.5. Now the Delhi government on Wednesday has decided to reduce VAT on petrol. This is going to give great relief to the people living in the capital of the country, Delhi. It has been told that after reducing VAT, oil prices will come down by Rs 8 per liter. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that with this step the people of Delhi will get relief from inflation.

Decision taken in the meeting chaired by CM

Petrol Diesel Price Reduced : Kejriwal said that now the prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi will be cheaper as compared to other cities of the National Capital Region (NCR). In this regard, it has been told that this decision was taken in a cabinet meeting chaired by CM. It has been unanimously decided that VAT on petrol should be reduced to 19.4 percent from the existing 30 percent. Due to this, its price will come down by about eight rupees per liter.

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CM Kejriwal tweeted the information

Petrol Diesel Price Reduced : In a tweet in this regard, CM Kejriwal said that today we have made petrol very cheap in Delhi. He said that the rate of VAT was reduced from 30 percent to 19.4 percent. Petrol and diesel become cheaper in Delhi as compared to other cities of NCR. He said that I hope that this step will give relief to the people of Delhi from inflation. Officials said that after the reduction in VAT, the price of petrol will come down to Rs 95 per liter from the current Rs 103 per liter.

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