Pilots of two jets reported “bright, green UFO”

At the end of July, the pilots of two machines independently reported the sighting of a UFO in Canadian airspace over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. They would have observed a "bright, green, flying object" between Quebec and Newfoundland that finally flew into a cloud and disappeared.

At least that is the result of the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS), a database for flight incidents of the Canadian government, as it became known on August 11th. According to CADORS information, the unidentified flying object (UFO) was taken by the pilot of a CC-177 Globemaster III machine of the Canadian Air Force, which was en route from a base in Ontario to Cologne, and the pilot of a KLM machine from Amsterdam to Amsterdam was on the way.

Military aircraft changed course
According to the database for flight incidents, the sighting of the UFO had “no effect” on the operation of both machines. However, this is contradicted by logistics expert Steffan Watkins, who carefully examined the flight data of the two machines. According to him, the military aircraft has changed course and climbed around 300 meters.

“So, I would like to know if the #RCAF pilot changed course to avoid it, or to see what it was, or if the course correction was completely routine and just a fluke,” Watkins wrote Twitter (see tweet above). He thinks it is possible that the pilots saw a meteor.

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The Canadian aviation report recorded the sighting under the collective label “Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, UFO”, which also does not exclude a meteor, reports the website

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