Pinti Álvarez, historic player of Crucero del Norte, returns to the institution

Crucero del Norte is preparing to face a new season in Federal A, the third category of Argentine soccer and in this transfer market it was reinforced with the return of a historic player, Ernesto Pinti Álvarez will have his third cycle defending the colors of the Colectivero.

The 33-year-old striker was officially presented on the club’s social networks and at the same time stamped his signature.

The Paraguayan arrives from Paraguarí, a team that plays in the second category of that country. He went through the studies of Misiones Online, “I am very happy to be here again, with all the illusion put in the objective that is to ascend with Cruise returned” expressed the attacker who participated in that team that played in that category during 2012 and 2014 , later he was part of the squad in the first division in 2015.

“I always felt that this is my home, I am very happy to return because Cruise really gives me the importance that other clubs do not give me”.

“Pinti”, assured that since last year they have been having talks with Julio Koropeski, former president of Cruise, so that the institution can return.

“A million things go through my head, what motivates me the most is the love that my family and I have for Cruise. It was our first international club, and that affection that we take with us from Misiones makes the decision easier.”

In sports, the forward expressed himself as his return is a challenge. “I want to go down in history, I want to be part of Cruise’s history. Although they already have me as a part, I think I’m missing a bit. I come with that illusion, I want to be part of the Cruise books and I hope that we can be in the First National next season”.

This is how the club presented it on its networks.

As for his physical condition, something that many fans wondered about, Álvarez cleared up any doubts and assured that he is very well. “I kept working even though the championship was over for me. I feel like a professional and I have to behave like one, so don’t worry the fans, I’m here to give everything for this shirt”.

During his first stint at the institution, he ran into Miguel “Pico” Salinas, who is Crucero’s coach and as for talks, Pinti assured that until now they have not taken place but that they will do so before starting work. But he already anticipated that where he feels most comfortable is on the entire attack front.

In addition to telling what his goals are and the reasons for a new return, Pinti took some time to open the trunk of memories and return to those moments of glory that he lived in Misiones.

“The most important moment with Crucero in my career, which was marked and will be marked for life, without a doubt is the match against Olimpo. Because it involved many things, there was a lot at stake, we could lose everything or not, which is what happened. Secondly, there are the goals against Independiente”.

Ernesto Pinti Álvarez, was the author of the only goal against Olimpo, on June 15, 2013 at Andrés Guacurarí. He gave the Colectivero victory and permanence in his first year in the second category.

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