Pitch was made on Waqf property without permission, the minister’s son is getting the match done, so on the rules, now there is a possibility of tension

Jaipur , A cricket competition is being organized in the memory of the son of Congress government minister Mahesh Joshi at Karbala Ground, Jaipur, where the fresh ones are buried. The special thing is that the concrete pitch has been made, without permission. Now the local people including the minority community are against this competition. Netaji does not want to miss the event for the sake of his son.

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The organizers and the local people have come face to face with the organization of the cricket league at Karbala ground on Amer Road. Despite the opposition of the people, the organizers are adamant on holding the league at Karbala ground. The cricket league is proposed to be organized from 5 pm on Tuesday. In view of the opposition of local residents and minority organizations, there is a situation of tension and the police is also on alert.

minister resign
At the same time, despite the protest at Karbala ground, there is increasing displeasure due to the organizers being adamant to organize a cricket league. Minority organizations have demanded the resignation of water supply minister and regional MLA Mahesh Joshi. Rohit Joshi, the organizer of the cricket league, is the son of water supply minister Mahesh Joshi. Minority organizations and local people have demanded the resignation of the minister, opening a front against the minister and the minister’s son.

Waqf’s property is Maidan
Karbala Maidan is the property of Rajasthan Waqf Board. Despite this, the minister’s son and the organizers neither took permission to organize the cricket league from the Waqf Board. And also got a pucca pitch constructed on the waqf property without approval. People are mobilizing more against this arbitrariness.

Local residents and minority organizations say that there has been an attempt to encroachment on the part of the organizers of the cricket league. won’t tolerate it.

Let us tell you that for the last 200 years, fresh people of Jaipur and surrounding areas are buried in this ground on the occasion of Muharram festival. People say that Karbala Maidan is the center of faith of the minority community, it should not be made a game.

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Waqf board also under pressure from minister
Although after the protest, the Rajasthan Waqf Board had also given instructions to break the pucca pitch construction considering it as encroachment, but despite this, the pucca construction has not been broken yet. In such a situation, there is a discussion inside that the Waqf Board is also under pressure from the minister.

Police alert has been alerted
The league is going to start from 5 pm on Tuesday. 100 teams have been called to play the match. The police has also become alert after receiving warnings of protest from minority organizations during the beginning. Police were deployed around Karbala ground. Instructions have also been given to ensure that no untoward happens during the event.

they say
The government should take immediate cognizance in this matter, otherwise the law and order situation deteriorates during the protest, then it will be the responsibility of Minister Joshi. In Putramoh, Minister Mahesh Joshi is trying to hurt the religious sentiments of the minority community.
Yunus Chopdar, President, Muslim Council Institute

Former Minister of State also expressed opposition
Habibur Rahman Niazi, former Minister of State and Sajjadanshin of Mir Qurban Ali Dargah, has protested against the pucca cricket pitch being built at Karbala ground. He said that the government may or may not give anything to the minorities but should not try to snatch them from them.

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