PM Security: Why poor politics?

It is absolutely correct that the Supreme Court of India has taken up the matter of security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its own hands. Both the central government and the Punjab government had set up an inquiry to find out who was responsible for blocking Modi’s path. Police of Punjab or Special Protection Squad (SPG) of the Center? Modi was to visit Hussainiwala, near the Indo-Pak border, the place of sacrifice of Sardar Bhagat Singh. Due to bad weather, he converted his flight into a road trip, which was fine, but he had to wait about 20 minutes at a bridge near Firozpur, as the road ahead was blocked by peasant protesters.

The issue of Prime Minister’s security is very serious, because due to government negligence, we have lost Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. According to the law, it is the responsibility of that state government to keep the route through which the Prime Minister has to pass, completely clean. Modi’s way was blocked, this is a serious incident in itself, but despite returning safely, Modi’s statement that thanks to (Chief Minister) Channi that I have returned alive from Bathinda, has become the subject of much controversy and mockery.

Congressmen are saying that you were far away from the crowd. No one threw stones at you, nor fired swords or bullets, nor pushed, so from whom did you survive? The crowd did not even see you and the crowd, so how did you say this? The reason for your return in the midst of this was that even 700 people did not come to your ceremony place, while 10 thousand security personnel were deployed to protect you. When you had to return out of despair, you started a gimmick to block your way. Its purpose was to defame the Punjab government and create electoral maneuvers.

The BJP also tried to give a befitting reply to these Congress statements. BJPmen raised the issue of anti-national tendency of Sikh terrorists. Placing all the blame on the Punjab government, the BJP leaders alleged that the Punjab government had acted terribly negligent. Why didn’t he leave the alternate route to the air completely blank? He has violated the law. He had deliberately hatched a conspiracy to sabotage a large public meeting of Hussainiwala. He feared that this meeting of Modi would turn the election wind upside down.

All in all, both the Central and Punjab governments set up their own investigations. The central government has also issued notices to the Punjabi officials to give their explanation. The Supreme Court has stayed both the investigations and set up its own independent inquiry. This inquiry committee will find out whose real fault is? Punjab Police or Prime Minister’s Special Security Squad? Whatever the outcome, the security of the Prime Minister is of utmost importance. Poor politics on this subject is not appropriate.

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