Police was investigating the murder of a BA student, the accused turned out to be a ‘serial killer’ with a 12-year-old girl.

Faridabad | Crime Rape Up Police : Sometimes such cases of crime come to the fore, after the disclosure of which the police are also surprised. A similar case has come to the fore from Faridabad. When the police post was investigating the murder after the kidnapping of a BA student, a shocking revelation came to light. It has been told that the accused in this case was a security guard and he had committed 6 murders, not one or two. About her was a 12 year old girl as well as a 22 year old girl involved. Narendra, who was caught by the police, had so far committed a heinous crime like raping four girls. Prior to Voice, in 1987, he was also arrested in the murder of his uncle and cousin.

Crime Rape Up Police :

The history of crime also surprised the police

Crime Rape Up Police : After the history of the accused, the police also went to the square. It has been told that the police was investigating the murder of a BA student, her father was a friend of this security guard. A few days ago, the accused had molested the girl student, after which she had a fight with her father. The accused was afraid that the student might expose him, after which he brutally killed the student.

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12 year old innocent was also made victim

Crime Rape Up Police : The name of the security guard is Singh Raj, he is a resident of Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh. After the crime was proved, the police who questioned him strictly, he also kept all his history open. The accused told that before this, 3 years ago in Faridabad itself, he had raped and killed a 12-year-old innocent. The accused says that the family members did not let this thing come out and the matter did not reach the police station. The accused told the police that after that his mind grew and made four more girls his victim one by one.

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