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Dushyant Kumar wrote- Play it any way you want in this meeting, we are not man, We are jugglers. Now someone narrates ghazals from agony, Humsafar is drowsy, are inconspicuous. When he wrote this ghazal, even then the politics of giving rattles to people to play like rattles and to distract their attention was being done and even now the politics of giving rattles in the hands of the people continues. Every day a tinkling ghazal is recited to the sleepy and restless citizens of the country. fresh ghazals every year 26 on december ,heroic children’s day, Celebration is announced. There is assembly election in Punjab and if nothing is suggested then in honor of martyrdom of Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh. ,heroic children’s day, was announced.

On the other hand, at least two BJP chief ministers have termed the security lapse in Punjab as a Khalistani conspiracy. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Tripura’s Biplab Deb called it a Khalistani conspiracy and Sarma demanded the arrest of Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. think, The decision to go to Ferozepur despite the bad weather was the decision of the Prime Minister and the party, and the decision to travel by road from the Bathinda airport was certainly the decision of the Prime Minister and his security agency, the SPG. On the other hand, there were farmers protesting on the way to Ferozepur and despite the security of the SPG on the Pyareana flyover, the people who reached near the prime minister’s car were BJP workers., But the conspiracy is of Khalistan and for this the Chief Minister should be arrested!

think, With what spirit are BJP chief ministers and other leaders repeatedly bringing up Khalistan in the matter of Punjab?, The farmers’ agitation, which lasted for a year in protest against the three agricultural laws made by the central government, was also called a conspiracy of Khalistan. The farmers were even called Khalistanis and terrorists. One of the top ministers of the central government called the farmers mawali. Ten types of false stories were propagated through the IT cell to defame the farmers’ movement. Then when the election came, the law was withdrawn and ,heroic children’s day, The jingle stopped. Keep in mind that till now there is no government program on the martyrdom of the four Sahibzadas, yet remembering their martyrdom, people’s heads automatically bow with reverence. Martyrdom and bravery have been the nature of that community, so they do not need such rattles.

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Just before this, a Jhunjhuna tribal was caught. Last year 15 On November, the day of birth anniversary of great freedom army and warrior Dharti Aba Bhagwan Birsa Munda, it was suddenly announced that now every year 15 on November ,Tribal Pride Day, will be celebrated. think, The political participation of tribes is continuously being reduced. The posts reserved for tribals are lying vacant in government jobs. But ,Tribal Pride Day, will be celebrated. Bharatiya Janata Party is the first party, Who made non-tribal chief minister in Jharkhand. before the formation of the state 14 Till the year the tribals were the chief ministers. BJP snatched that pride from him. continuously in chhattisgarh 15 There was a BJP government for a year but the need to make a tribal chief minister was not considered. Barring the Northeast, the BJP has no chief minister or deputy chief minister. Le-dekar has a tribal cabinet minister and a tribal governor. of central government 457 Secretaries, Only three secretaries of scheduled tribes in additional secretaries and joint secretaries, There are five joint secretaries and nine additional secretaries. The reservation for them is seven and a half percent., But their share in the top posts is less than four per cent. yet for them ,Tribal Pride Day, will be celebrated!

It is propagated in every election meeting that the present BJP government has given constitutional status to the Backward Castes Commission. So what should the backward caste people do?, By giving constitutional status to the commission, did their reservation increase?, Whether appointments have been made against the vacant posts earmarked for them, did their involvement in politics increase, Backward caste leaders are demanding for counting of OBCs in the census, But the central government has refused it. Keep in mind that out of a dozen Chief Ministers of BJP, Shivraj Singh Chouhan is the only Chief Minister of backward caste. How they were formed once removed and how they remain is a different matter. February 2020 According to the data of the Government of India 89 None of the secretaries belonged to a backward caste and 275 None of the joint secretaries belonged to a backward caste. Yes, 93 of additional secretaries 19 people were from backward castes, Most of whom would have retired before becoming secretaries. think, OBC reservation 27 per cent and the share in the top post is less than five per cent. Yet the rattle of giving constitutional status to his commission will be played everywhere.

Recently, it was announced to celebrate the audit day. On the foundation day of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) ,audit day, As announced. Remember how one lakh on the basis of a CAG report 76 There was an uproar in the communication scam of thousand crore rupees and coal scam of three lakh crore rupees. Congress was wiped out in the same hall and BJP came to power at the Centre. But since then has anyone heard of any CAG report?, In fact, the CAG has almost stopped reporting itself. The next year after the formation of the BJP government at the center under the command of Narendra Modi, i.e. 2015 CAG in total 55 had reported, that 2020 reduced to 14 Left. ,New Indian Express, From the information sought by us under the Right to Information Act, it was revealed that in the last five years the CAG report 75 percentage has decreased. In many ministries, the CAG has given zero reports. That is, the CAG report stopped coming., The discussion and analysis on it has stopped, so now on the day of the establishment of the CAG ,audit day, will be celebrated!

The rest of the Parliament has to bow its head and the role of Parliament is negligible., Crying for the world’s largest democracy and campaigning to free the parliament from the opposition, drumming up cooperative federalism and curtailing the rights of the states, There are countless more issues like doing politics of national security and losing your land on the border, By looking at them even broadly, it is known that there is a big difference between saying and doing.

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