Polluted Delhi God trust

The condition of pollution in Delhi is so bad that it can also be called the most polluted city in the world., Although this title has been given by the International Pollution Measurement Organization to Lahore, Pakistan. Our Supreme Court has made very strict comments many times on the toxic air of Delhi, but the Central Government and the Delhi Government are still pulling the snoring.

There are two governments in this Delhi, but the pollution of Delhi is twice that of other big cities. When political pollution increases in Delhi, people don’t care much about it, but people enjoy it, but this climate-pollution is as bad for the public., worse for leaders than that, Because leaders cannot live without mingling with their devotees and their work does not work without crowds.

The judges of the Supreme Courts have said that our governments are very negligent in dealing with pollution. They are sitting on God. That is why the level of pollution is highest in Delhi. Pollution-mark in Delhi today 500 And running above that while the public prosecutor in the Supreme Court was pleading that pollution is decreasing in Delhi., because for a few hours because of the strong wind he 250 had reached around The court reprimanded and said that the government had started burning stubble. Why was the fine not imposed on the farmers, The pollution due to stubble is almost 30 percentage, whereas some government sources keep saying that due to stubble, it is only 2 percentage occurs.

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If this is also true then come from outside as before Why were trucks not banned this year?, Why was their traffic and transportation not stopped on the basis of odd numbers of cars, The common man can keep the mouthpiece tied, but from where can he keep the pollution-control device in his house?, Demonetisation and lockdown have made his condition so bad that he does not even have enough bread, so how can he save himself from the polluted air?, The court has also asked why the lockdown was not imposed on Delhi again for a few days.,

In the clarification presented on behalf of the government, his lawyer presented several figures before the court and tried to show that the government had used old smokeless vehicles., There has been no hesitation in imposing various types of fines on industries that run on toxic fuels and indiscriminate construction works. He spent crores penalty has been imposed. More vehicles ply in the cities of Europe and America than in India. There are too many factories, Yet their pollution-points 50 And 100 remains in between. If our governments also try to find a permanent solution to pollution, then the condition of India can be even better than them.

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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