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On Tuesday, a helicopter carrying pilgrims had crashed near Garudchatti in Kedar Ghati. Poorva, who died in the accident, took a smiling selfie with Kedarnath Dham but little did she know that it would become the last selfie of her life. Poorva of Bhavnagar, Gujarat has also died in Kedarnath helicopter crash accident. Poorva Ramanuja was a resident of Sehore. Upon reaching Kedarnath Dham, Poorva took a smiling selfie with the temple, but little did she know that it would become the last selfie of her life.

Self in shock after death

After Poorva’s death, her relatives are in shock. The sudden departure of his happy daughter has given him great sorrow. Poorva’s father is a member of Sehore Municipality. As soon as the news of the death of the daughter was received, the leaders and relatives reached the house and consoled.

Kedarnath Heli services smooth from Wednesday morning

A team of DGCA and Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau will visit the spot on Wednesday to investigate the accident. Heli services, which were stopped after the accident on Tuesday, were restored on Wednesday morning.

Heli operated for Kedarnath

This was the 13th flight of the day of the heli services operating to Kedarnath on Tuesday, which crashed. Earlier on Tuesday, 12 flights of heli services were operated. Of these, 66 passengers were taken to Kedarnath Dham and 60 passengers were brought back.

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