Popular actress Benaf Dadachandji joins the cast of ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’

Famous actress Benaf Dadachandji has made a lot of recognition in the Indian entertainment world. The actress has played all kinds of roles, and she effortlessly adapts to characters that are completely different from each other. Benaf is now all set to enthrall the audience with the magic of his love. She will soon be seen playing a pivotal role in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’ which is an impressive show. The show is a mirror to every working woman caught between malevolent norms and her dreams. Benaf Dadachandji will join the cast including Aditi Gupta, Rohit Purohit and Vidyut Xavier as Dr. Aditi Saxena, wife of Dr. Vikrant Saxena, who will bring her own twists and turns in the story.

,pulsation life Of, In Own Role Of about In Thing do happened They said, “Aditi has a lot of layers, which makes this character challenging for me. But I enjoy working with characters who give me reason to work hard. When I first read the script of ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’ and was told about my character Aditi, there was something in this story that really connected me. Aditi will bring a new twist to the story of ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’, which will throw light on her past along with Dr. Vikrant Saxena and Dr. Deepika Sinha. My character in the story takes the audience to the past of Vikrant and Dipika. This is the right time to introduce Aditi to the situation that is going on in the current episode. She is a sweet, polite and happy woman who has been kept locked up by her husband. I hope the audience will enjoy my performance and love me the same way they are giving to the rest of the cast of ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’.”

This Show Of Balance artists Of about In Thing do happened Benaf has said, “It didn’t feel like I was a new entry on the show. The whole team warmly welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Since we all met, we have become very good friends. I especially like my girl gang which consists of Aditi, Alma and me; We are very famous on the sets.”

In the present story of ‘Dhadkan Zindagi Ki’ we saw Dr.Deepika struggling with her past, in which she was facing the whims of her fiancée Dr. Vikrant Saxena. On the other hand the entry of Dr. Vikrant Saxena’s wife Aditi Saxena has created more stir in Dr. Deepika’s life.

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