Prashant Kishor’s peak, Brahmin’s trouble!

I am a brahmin and as a brahmin feel in experience that if we get money and fame then we bamans are in trouble. If someone said that Panditji pays applicable, then he is scolded or abused, then tying a braid and cursing him without thinking. Brahmin is unable to digest money and fame. There are very few Brahmins, who after digesting money and fame continue to do proper spiritual practice with devotion. I used to see good potential in Prashant Kishor with his intelligence. But within seven years, now there were such rumblings in pride that they had taken a boon from God to make or destroy someone. If you get credit for Narendra Modi’s victory, then you get a flower cup. But Amit Shah did not hesitate to see the peak dam. If Nitish-Lalu-Congress’s understanding of making chemistry was won, then all the satraps, the Congress jumped in vain for the contract of all.

Then by chance in Bengal (the nonsense that Mamta won because of Prashant, I believe that Mamta won on her own, due to reasons like her struggle, Bengali identity, Modi-Shah’s mistakes) the task of avenging Amit Shah in victory by the management. If you understand yourself, that Chanakya of the entire opposition and 2024 I will with pleasure defeat Narendra Modi provided the Congress hands over itself to him. Then spoke to Rahul Gandhi. In this manner in term-condition, in this manner the party’s takeover, in this gesture of control, showed that the Gandhi family parted and did not become a thing.

As a result, Prashant Kishor tied the top and vowed that he would now replace the Trinamool Congress instead of the Congress. Congress has gone and Trinamool Congress is an all India alternative. Prashant Kishor’s approach is arrogant, Whatever may be considered silent, stupidity, but I consider it a Brahmin’s intellect-money-success’s indigestion. In my experience in journalism, I have 45 Over the years, innumerable Brahmin personalities and politicians have seen such plight. Due to this, gradually the leadership of Brahmins was out of political power. From Prashant Kishor’s Bihar to Bhagwat Jha Azad, Kedar Pandey, Jagannath Mishra to Shivanand Tiwari, he has seen and seen the making and deteriorating.

Think Prashant Kishor’s intellect that he will make Congress irrelevant. what are you doing for it, What did Prashant Kishor do in the last two months by tying the top?, What made the narrative? Whereas for the last seven years, Narendra Modi, his langoori army and pet media have been doing it. Means Congress is over, The work which was taken up by Modi-Shah and their social media team is now being done by Mamta and Prashant Kishor. Till yesterday, Modi-Shah and BJP were bursting Congress leaders in the states, now they are doing the work Mamta-Pacific. As if Modi-Shah had outsourced their agenda to destroy Congress to Mamata-Trinamool.

It is true that Rahul Gandhi is without a political intellect. Sonia Gandhi also does not understand, and Rahul Gandhi is also not ready to understand that he fought continuously by attacking Modi as a general, show his masculinity, but what harm can make Priyanka Gandhi sit on an elephant in the middle of the fight. If the entire army of Congress and opposition would have brought life back to its space. Why should there be a dilemma in the house if Rahul Gandhi remains the commander but Priyanka sits on the army chief’s elephant?, If Varun Gandhi becomes the general in UP, then after four months he will be wiped out in UP or 2024 What greater danger will there be than the threat of Narendra Modi winning back in,

Only those who believe that the crisis of the country and the opposition is with Congress and Rahul too, is not wrong. Rahul Gandhi’s face is eating up the opposition’s space making Narendra Modi invincible. The Gandhi family is not showing understanding in its right to leadership. Despite this, there is a question of its own whether the Congress can survive without the hereditary peg., In spite of this flaw, if good, sensible Prime Ministers like PV Narasimha Rao, Dr. Manmohan Singh have met Congress, then this experiment also has a significance of its own. Then where there is a matter of irritation from family or lineage, then is the public not understanding the truth of Mamta Banerjee family or Sharad Pawar’s familyism or BJP’s families, Gujarati brothers’ experience of nepotism?,

But when a brahmin ties a braid, he does not think so deeply in anger. Doesn’t even care that the goal is to defeat Narendra Modi, This is not understandable if the opposition considers Rahul Gandhi and Congress as a hindrance. 2024 If you contest the election, the victory will be of Modi and not of him and his leader., And think what will be the future of Baman Prashant Kishor and Mamta Banerjee then? Both the Brahmins will be sitting at the feet of Modi-Shah badly out of politics. The entire opposition of the country will be dead,

Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an India-based Entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Successful Startups like Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV & Branding Panther. Shivam has done his Master's in Computer Applications.

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