Praying Modi ji… Free vaccine has been very expensive… (talking on numbers)

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New Delhi | PM Modi India Vaccination:
There is no doubt that the people of India are being vaccinated for free. The country’s Prime Minister Modi has also mentioned about free vaccines many times. But do you know how much the central government has spent for coronav vaccination so far. An RTI reply has revealed that the Government of India has spent only Rs 19675 crore in the name of free vaccination from 1 May 2021 to 20 December 2021. You may also be surprised to know that why we are saying such a huge amount only. Well, we’ll get to that in a little while before you know that…

PM Modi India: Vaccination :

There was a provision of 35 thousand crores in the union budget

PM Modi India Vaccination : If you put a little on your mind, then in the Union Budget of 2021-22, the Government of India had made a provision of Rs 35000 crores for the vaccine. Whereas even after giving vaccine to 150 million people till now, even 20000 crores has not been spent. In response to the RTI report of Amit Kumar, a social worker, the Kovid-19 Vaccination Wing of the Union Health Ministry has given the above information. During this, 117.56 crore doses have been given at government centers while 4.18 doses have been given in private vaccination. This figure is from 1 May to 20 December. Let us also make it clear here that even if every person of the country is vaccinated, the expenditure will be Rs 67193 crore. Keep in mind that in this we have given free vaccine to every citizen of the country. This means that when no person has spent for the vaccine, then this amount will be spent.

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PM Modi India: Vaccination :

Now know earning

PM Modi India: Vaccination : There has been talk of expenditure, but now let us know how much the Government of India has earned. If you put emphasis on your mind, before Karo Na, the central government used to charge ₹ 19.98 on petrol and ₹ 15.83 paise on diesel. Last year it increased to Rs 32.9 and Rs 31.80 respectively. According to the information received from RTI, the total income from petroleum products in 2019-20 was Rs 2,88, 313.72. This has increased to Rs 4,13,735.60 in 2020-21.

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