PRF rescues over a thousand birds with the biggest seizure of the year

The birds were transported precariously, in a dark and unventilated environment, inside small cages.

More than a thousand birds were rescued in ill-treated conditions on a stretch of BR-116 in Jequié, in the southwest of Bahia. The seizure is considered the largest made this year in the state. The incident occurred on Thursday night (14/10) at km 677 of the highway.

The birds were moved unstably, in a dim and unventilated climate, inside little enclosures and in bundles to store milk, which demonstrated an absence of care, cleanliness and misuse. As indicated by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) in Bahia, among the birds there were species like nabbed birds, grass-eaters, broken irons, land canaries and dark birds. Nine creatures were dead.

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