Priyanka raised hope in UP

The dust is starting to settle now. Things are getting clear. Some have become completely clear. One, Owaisi was empty Bhabhaka. Second, Mayawati has become completely irrelevant. Third BJP is going down. Fourth, the SP’s cycle has stopped. And Last But Not Least that Priyanka’s aura is growing. People’s confidence is increasing. People are coming. They are getting courage. UP election Priyanka Gandhi

Victory is not difficult if the battle is fought properly. You hate farmer, laborer, job profession, small trader, student, villager, even people who died of corona say that it is okay, salvation has been achieved. Health services were in bad shape. Either he died in the house without being admitted to the hospital without oxygen, or if he was able to reach the hospital with any recommendation, then no one’s bill came less than 15 lakhs. There was no maximum limit. He has reached above crores. And you say the system is messed up!

But now the dust has started to settle. Things are getting clear. Some have become completely clear. One, Owaisi was empty Bhabhaka. Second, Mayawati has become completely irrelevant. Third BJP is going down. Fourth, the SP’s cycle has stopped. And Last But Not Least that Priyanka’s aura is growing. People’s confidence is increasing. People are coming. They are getting courage. And these are the signs of a battle that can be won. Just now a young girl wrote on our twitter that Sir we have not seen Congress government in UP in our life. Why did he write? Maybe there is some hope.

There were many allegations in the last election. Priyanka Gandhi must have got all the news now. From selling tickets to more spoilers. A Congress leader had lost his patience in a meeting after the 2017 defeat. In front of all the big leaders, he clearly accused one senior most leader on what basis and to whom did he give tickets. There was silence in the meeting. On whom was the responsibility of all the elections, the whole assembly was disarmed. The women started looking at him with anger and anguish. But as happens in Congress, nothing happened. Well now those leaders are also probably preparing to bid farewell to the Congress.

This is a serious problem. is in all parties. Just now a video of Swami Yeti Narasimhanand became very viral. In which he is accusing BJP, SP all parties of exploitation of women. Priyanka Gandhi has understood the root of this problem. When more and more women come into politics, no one will dare to make such a stupid, shameful demand. Priyanka has ushered in a new era in politics by announcing that 40 percent tickets will be given to women. A new hope has arisen among women. Young women are asking questions. His confidence is visible.

This is what will become Priyanka’s biggest strength. Even Rahul did not reduce the hard work in UP. For the first time in 2007, he became active in the elections of the UP Legislative Assembly. Walked around the village. But that was the time of Mandal Kamandal. Regional parties were fighting communalism with casteist politics. The Brahmins went with Mayawati against Mulayam. In that atmosphere, no one could understand Rahul’s idealistic politics of favor of the poor, farmers, laborers and youth, irrespective of religion and caste. Remember this was the same election when Rahul used to go to the house of Dalits quietly at night to inquire about their well being. The accompanying media knew in the morning. People did not believe even then and today, when photographs of walking four steps in the corridor are also printed on page one of the newspapers with the ornate language of the editors, then who will!

But as they say, truth leaves behind so much evidence that they do not get erased. Similarly, when Rahul used to go, he was accompanied by all those journalists, who today remain the big pillars of Godi Media. TV anchor. are editors. Criticize Rahul a lot today. But they should be asked that tell the truth by placing a hand on the chest whether prior information was ever given about Rahul going to the Dalit house? Didn’t Rahul hide it that in this way going to the house of Dalits is not known to the media and photographs could not be made? Shouldn’t the privacy of the poor be violated? Didn’t the journalists get angry in the morning that why didn’t they tell at night? We don’t think how many devotees have become but they will be able to deny the truth. Rahul used to avoid campaigning. Even today, he is unable to self-promote like his opposition leader.

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So, well it was happening at that time when Rahul worked very hard in UP but the leaders along with him could not translate this hard work on the ground. And Congress’s kayak could not bounce back. Remember this was the period when the newspaper owners were telling Rahul the rising sun. On the first page of the newspaper, the mistress had articles on Rahul. Today, due to both money and fear, newspapers are making new use of language and style. One by one new analogies are being given on the hand of the Prime Minister placed on the shoulder of the Chief Minister.

But then the condition was that Rahul did not even meet the newspaper owners and editors. The ordinary reporters used to meet the cameramen as easily as they are then. Used to ask about the condition. Just as he quietly helped journalists in the difficult times of Corona, he used to do so silently. Used to ask about the condition. Any The anchor of the channel, who claimed to be sharp, was always involved in condemnation even if there was a major accident in the family, from seeing the arrangements in the hospital to coming to the Lodi Road crematorium to join in the mourning.

It is not that the media does not remember all this. There are few people who stand together and have compassion in bad times. can deny them. But can’t forget. Right now the media was starting to think that he had got a lot of money. became influential. But there was no one to lift the dead bodies in the house in Corona. Entire family infected. There was no treatment. In such a situation, Rahul again came forward silently. Priyanka went ahead and helped. The life-saving Remdesivir injections ordered for Rahul were given to a journalist’s family. Delivered them when needed. Thankfully, Rahul, who was suffering from Corona, did not need him. So these are passions. Comes late, but understands people. Public memory is short. Forget the old. But when things go beyond limits. Then he also starts to feel some sense of his profit and loss.

The frenzy of hatred and division begins to subside. Children start remembering their future. Had it not been so, then this fire of hatred would have burnt everything by now. But the cold showers of positivity, love, brotherhood never end. can stop. may decrease. But it can’t be closed. It is this sentiment that makes any youth ask that we have seen all governments in UP since we regained our senses. Not of Congress.

This is Priyanka’s victory. The beginning of the story of their awakened hope. Where does the story go? What a turn Time will tell. But now the youth and especially women have come together to write it, this gives hope that the story will move forward. Will be pleasant

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