Professional Football League: Marcelo Tinelli denounced an attempted coup by some leaders

The president of the Professional Football League (LPF), Marcelo Tinelli denounced this Friday an attempt to “institutional destabilization” by some club leaders, which he described as “a devious blow”, and left open the possibility of calling to elections “in case the institution deems it necessary.”

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The expressions of Tinelli (president of San Lorenzo but on leave until May), disseminated through a letter, were the response to versions about a possible discomfort of several leaders regarding his management at the head of the LPF and the idea that they promote to replace it “in early 2022”.

According to those same versions, the main claim would be linked to the generation of income from the sale of the television rights of the contest and its subsequent distribution; and the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, would support the leaders who raise the need for a renewal at the head of the League.


«To the member clubs of the First Division of the LPF. In recent days we have witnessed -with surprise and disbelief- a movement started by some clubs, some of them maliciously induced from false and incorrect information, claiming to represent all of the institutions that make up the Professional Football League ».

«This small group never expressed their differences to me personally, nor did they raise them institutionally, in a debate with their peers at the Executive Committee meetings of our League, which is the place where the different questions that concern our activity should be raised ».

“Because of my training and my values, I consider institutional destabilization a devious blow, not only to the authorities that were legitimately elected in a timely manner, but also to the life of the organization that it is trying to violate.”

“I do not share the methods or values ​​of the people who carry out this adventure, and I firmly believe in democracy at all levels of our institutional life and in the legitimacy that those who represent us should have.”

“By virtue of this, and the conversations that I have had with all the Clubs, in my capacity as President of the LPF I call them to a meeting of the Executive Committee to be held on January 11, 2022, immediately after the draw for the fixture of next year’s tournaments (which is scheduled for 01/11/2022 at 3:00 pm at the Hilton Hotel) ».

“There we will deal especially with any matter related to the current authorities of the League as well as the call for elections of President and Board of Directors, in case the highest body of our institution deems it necessary.”

“Once again, I regret to address you at this time of year for these circumstances, I would have liked this note to be to share how much was achieved working as a team in such a difficult year as 2021”.

Beyond the businessman and journalist, the structure of the LPF is based on its CEO, Francisco Duarte; in its honorary director, Eduardo Spinoza (Banfield); and in his vices: Cristian Malaspina (Argentinos), Sergio Rapisarda (Vélez) and Hernán Arboleya (Lanús).

The Professional Football League replaced the Argentine Super League in 2020, which emerged in 2017 and was led by Mariano Elizondo, just close to Tinelli.

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