Professional League 2022: how many teams will it have, what will be the format, relegation and when will it start

Barracas Central He prevailed on penalties against Quilmes and made history by winning promotion to the top flight of Argentine football for the first time. With this, the teams that will participate in the next Professional League 2022 were defined, which will feature Guapo and Tigre, who won the title of the category, as the new teams. Know the format, when it starts and what will happen to the descents.

How will the format of the Professional League 2022

In the first place, the idea that gained the greatest consensus among the leaders is to repeat in some way what was done in 2021. That is to say: first a contest such as the League Cup that Colón won with two zones would be played to qualify for a phase quarterfinal, semis and final. This would take place between February and May.

The intention would be to set up the zones according to the classics and pairings, and that there be a special date with all the classics, taking into account that there could not be interzones on each date in the tournament with 14 teams per zone. Then a contest of all against all would start that would extend until the end of October, before the World Cup in Qatar 2022 takes place.

Professional League 2022: there will be 28 teams and relegation returns

The difference with this year’s competitions is the number of teams: as there are two promotions from the First National and there will be no relegation, in 2022 28 teams will be played in the Professional League. In this way, the zones would be 14 teams and the tournament of all against all would have 27 days.

In turn, the most important change will be seen in the declines after the AFA Assembly approved the statutory reform to resume the system that was postponed by the pandemic. The objective is that in 2026 there will be 22 teams in the First Division, so there will be two reductions by the end of 2022 and four in 2023, 2024 and 2025, respectively.

Tigre will return to play in the First Division after two years

2019 was a bittersweet year for the Matador since, on the one hand, he descended to the First National after 13 seasons in First; but on the other hand, he became champion of the Super League Cup by defeating Boca 2-0 in the final and obtained his first professional title.

After two seasons in the second category of Argentine soccer, he returned to First with his victory against Barracas Central and in 2022 he will be part of the Professional League.

Barracas Central promoted to first

El Guapo rounded off a great campaign by securing second place in the highest category of Argentine soccer. The team led by Rodolfo de Paoli was left with Zone B after reaping 58 points which allowed them to play the definition for the title against Tigre.

However, after a bad game the Matador prevailed and the Trucker was left with nothing. However, in the Reducido semifinals, Barracas beat Almirante Brown and then, on penalties, beat Quilmes to complete a historic season.

Barracas Central’s path to the Professional Soccer League

He won Zone B with 58 units.

He lost the final to Tigre for the first ascent

Overtaken Almirante Brown in the Reduced semi-finals with a 3-2 aggregate

They beat Quilmes 5-4 on penalties after equalizing 0-0 in the final.

SOURCE: TyC Sports.

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