Professional League: Boca Juniors and Newell’s will finally play on Tuesday after suspension due to rain

This was reported by the Professional League that at first it had decided to move the game to Monday, although after conversations with TV it decided to run it to Tuesday, the day that San Lorenzo-Sarmiento and Banfield Independiente also play.

boca juniors

The cast of La Ribera, which is fighting to achieve a place in the next edition of the Copa Libertadores – for now it is in the qualifying zone and also has the possibility of doing so by winning the Argentine Cup -, is ranked fifth in the tournament, with 36 points, away from the champion River (52).

Jorge Bermúdez’s word after the game suspended

“We are sad how everyone in Boca is and the people who came to the field. It was difficult to play it, the court can be seen with a lot of water “, said the leader Jorge Bermúdez.

And the “Patron” went further when he anticipated that “unfortunately that important work that must be carried out on the playing field was postponed, when it was scheduled for last August.”

boca juniors
Referees in the moments before suspending the game last night.

“That decision had been adopted after a match with Argentinos Juniors in which something similar happened, but as the return of the public to the stadiums was immediately announced, it was decided to leave it for later, although now there will be no more delays and they will begin to be held from December 13 “, the former Colombian defender announced to ESPN.

Just by then Boca will have already played its last game of this Professional League against Central Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero, and you will know if you will play the Copa Libertadores 2022 for the Argentine Cup or for the local championship. In the latter for the moment it is being left out for the Annual Table.

“The works are going to be carried out completely and will last the corresponding time”Bermúdez remarked, which would imply that if he qualified for that Copa Libertadores and beyond the Argentine tournament, he would have to play at home on another stage, and there a wide range of possibilities opens up.

Source: All News

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