Professional Soccer League: they announced that more than 93 percent of the players have the complete vaccination schedule

The Professional Soccer League announced this Thursday that 93.02 percent of its players are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, after a marked advance in recent months after the initial delay.

“Of this total, 787 (93.02%) have applied two doses or a complete single-dose vaccination schedule and 53 (6.98%) have only one dose,” the entity detailed in the statement released on social networks and on its website.

Counting the professionals with a single inoculation, the percentage rises to 99.29%, although the objective is to start the 2022 Professional League Cup with all vaccinated, as a result of an agreement that was signed with Argentinian Soccer Players and the AFA.

In fact, Emiliano Vecchio, one of the figures of Rosario Central, who publicly acknowledged being against all kinds of vaccines and medications, posted on his Instagram that he will apply it because the “club is above everything.”

Both the “Canalla” midfielder, as well as other players, who totaled 15 percent, had not been vaccinated until 20 days ago for “religious” reasons and also for personal doubts about the components of the vaccine.

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Robin Herman

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