Public Blockchain Is The New Market Disruptor”, Says Vivek Kumar, The Serial Entrepreneur

People intrigued by the technology know the fact that public blockchain is the next big thing & it is high time for people to start gaining knowledge about it. Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, Vivek Kumar Sen, a serial Entrepreneur is highly interested in Bitcoin & Public Blockchains and views it as the reason behind the elevation of the market.

Vivek is the proud owner of Onchain Bridge which is a Public Relations & media company for blockchain start-ups. Via this firm not only has he partnered with almost all the major fintech media publications but he has also helped many public blockchain start-ups in India. He says, ” While working with all the partnered firms I realized that public blockchain is the new market disruptor & to keep up with the pace, one should already start gaining knowledge about it. ”

During his Entrepreneurial voyage, Vivek has realized that there’s more to learning than what people get from their educational institution. Even though the youth is aware of their surroundings and how Technology plays a crucial role in the market, still to achieve Entrepreneur triumph, gaining knowledge from other’s experience is a plus.

So Vivek took the initiative to come up with one of the most popular podcasts named ‘The Vivek Podcast’. On asking about the idea behind starting this incredible podcast, he says, ” In my personal life, knowing about people’s way of achieving success helped me in my professional & personal development. To help people out there to know more about some of the most amazing personalities, I came up with this initiative.”

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Needless to say, ‘The Vivek Podcast’ has been a huge success. Vivek has hosted several Entrepreneurs and political personalities in his podcast & has discussed every possible aspect of life.

On asking Vivek about his upcoming plans, he says, ” I along with my team are working on building one of the most prominent companies named Sats Ventures which will act as a bridge between the traditional investors and new technological startups.” Adding to it he also mentioned working on building a media brand that shares a similar space as ‘The Vivek Podcast’.

His upcoming endeavors might hold tons of challenges but we all are sure that his passion will keep driving him to his achievements.



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