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Every step of the Prime Minister is now being taken in the path of 2024. The real concern is 2024. In the same concern, the agricultural laws have been withdrawn and in the same concern the implementation of labor reforms laws is being postponed. Everyone from the prime minister to the finance minister claimed that the government would continue with the reforms. But now there is no big improvement to be had. The next two years will be only popular politics. The government has started it by withdrawing the Agriculture Act. The government has also reduced excise duty to reduce the price of petroleum products and is also withdrawing 5 million barrels of oil from reserves for war-like emergencies to reduce the price. In the coming days, reforms will be stalled or the government will back down from them. New emotional issues will be raised so that people are polarized. Only then it is possible that the move towards implementing the amended citizenship law or the stake of making a Hindu Chief Minister by holding elections after delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir or a law like Uniform Civil Code is made but it is not possible that any such economic reform Be, So that there is a risk of offending any group.

Keep in mind that the Central Government had passed the Agriculture Act as a big economic reform and it was being claimed that it would benefit most of the farmers of the country. Even after withdrawing the law, it is being said on behalf of the government that most of the farmers of the country were happy with these laws but the government could not explain its benefits to a few farmers. The Prime Minister himself said that ,There must have been some deficiency in our own penance., Who could not explain its benefit to a few farmers,, think, Allegedly such a revolutionary reform and could not convince a few farmers, then withdrew! In such a situation, how can it be expected that other economic reforms will happen and they will be implemented?,

The central government had enacted labor reform laws along with agricultural laws but has not yet notified rules to implement these laws. In June this year, the then Labor Minister Santosh Gangwar had said that these laws could not be implemented due to the corona virus epidemic and the negligence of the state governments, but the government would implement it from October 1. But the limit of October 1 was also passed and the government did not notify the rules of these laws. think, How quickly were these laws passed? At that time there was no debate on this in the Parliament and no separate consideration and the law was passed. But even after a year it has not been implemented. It is believed that the government is concerned about the displeasure of the workers and hence it will not be implemented before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Even after that, its implementation will depend on many other things.

How the government is concerned about the popular politics that the census work has not started yet. The census, which is to be held every 10 years, was to be completed in 2021 this year, but probably for the first time since 1881, that the government is unable to conduct the census. Last year the census work could not start due to the corona virus epidemic. But now everything is almost normal, yet the government is not conducting the census because many regional parties are demanding the counting of castes. The Janata Dal-U, an ally of the BJP in Bihar, has also demanded a caste census. Rashtriya Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party, Many parties including Jharkhand Mukti Morcha are in favor of it. But the central government is opposing it because it can break the magic of Hindutva politics.

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