Punjab: Farmers stopped Kangana Ranaut’s convoy, sought apology for calling farmers Khalistani…

Kiratpur | Kangana Ranaut Said Sorry : Kangana Ranaut, who is in the headlines for her impeccable style and statements, has once come into the limelight. Just a few days ago, Kangana had told the farmers against the agricultural laws as Khalistani. After which the farmer leaders and others had lodged an objection to this statement.

Kangana Ranaut found it costly to post this as her convoy was surrounded in Kiratpur on Friday. Most of those who stopped the convoy were farmers and women. At first, slogans were raised against him, then only after apologizing to Kangana, he was allowed to leave from there.

Farmers stuck to their word

Kangana Ranaut Said Sorry : The farmers who stopped Kangana Ranaut’s convoy stood firm on their point. Farmers said that even before this many times Kangana Ranaut has surrounded the agitators on agricultural laws.

The farmers said that when we do not interfere in their house, then they should also take care of this. Let us inform that in view of the protest of the farmers, heavy police force was deployed. Even after that, looking at the large number of farmers, all this was not enough.

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This post was posted on Instagram

Kangana Ranout Said Sorry : Kangana recently posted a long speech on Instagram. He wrote that today Khalistani terrorists may have twisted the hands of the government. But don’t forget the only PM of India who buried him under his shoes. They had crushed their lives like mosquitoes by putting their lives at stake. The country was not allowed to be divided. He said that these people need the same guru. The farmers were very angry with this statement of Kangana and when they got the opportunity, they apologized for it.

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